At Esin Akan we have true passion to bring outstanding products to life. We use the highest quality leathers and accessories from Turkey and Italy. The bags are lovingly hand-crafted by experienced craftsman in Turkey with exceptional attention to detail. At every step of our production, we perform comprehensive quality control. This makes sure every bag meets the highest standards in terms of leather, craftsmanship, versatility and lightness.


Customer is in the heart of all Esin Akan designs. The busy lifestyle of today’s urban women is the main source of the brand’s inspiration. The bags are cleverly designed to provide the maximum versatility to women on the go, while looking chic and elegant at all times. The signature knots and colours inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and marine life make every bag distinctive and instantly recognizable.

Esin Akan Bag Designs
Esin Akan Materials


Only the finest leathers sourced from Turkey and Italy are utilised to make an Esin Akan handbag. The leathers are ethically sourced from certified tanneries, and the finest metal accessories are utilised to finish a product.


Every product is sampled more than once until it is perfect in terms of look, ease of use, lightness and durability.

Esin Akan Sampling
Esin Akan Quality Control


All materials that are used in a product go through comprehensive quality control tests, including the leathers, zips, edge dye, and metal accessories, as well as the finished product. These tests ensure the longevity and durability of our products in extreme conditions such as very cold or humid weather.


The Chelsea Bag can be used in five different ways: As an every day cross-body bag, a shoulder bag for evening, a clutch bag or a top handle bag for a special occasion or as a belt bag while you travel. Explore how to use The Chelsea Bag in this video.

How we make the Esin Akan Chelsea Bag


Designing a handbag collection at Esin Akan is fun and challenging at the same time. Trend research, customer feedback analysis, illustrating new designs, finding and developing the right materials for each bag, approving the samples and bringing a product to life take about six months.