What Not To Do On An After Work Date

If you are going on a date during the weekends, it’s obvious that you will get a few hours to wear that new dress or match your wardrobe with your new evening clutch. But when you go on an after-work date, you don’t get enough time to get ready.

For an after-work date, you need to come prepared from your home only. Wear an attire appropriate for the workplace as well as for your after-work date. Moreover, the handbags you carry should be convertible like the new Rome, it can be used as a working bag as well as an after-work party or date bag.

If you want to carry a small sized bag to your after-work date, go for Mini Santorini. This is an elegant clutch wallet which can be carried as an everyday wallet to the workplace and as an evening clutch during your after-work date.

Apart from dressing appropriately and carrying the perfect handbags, there are some other things one should avoid doing on an after-work date:

Rome | Plum & Rose

Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Avoid the Work Talks

Your date will understand if you carry the same leather shoulder bag to your office and after-work date but this doesn’t mean that your conversation should be all about work and workplace. Sometimes when you don’t know the other person quite well, this kind of conversation can somehow keep you engaged but the truth is that not many people are interested in listening about your projects, work environment, and the people they don’t know anything about.

When work is talked about, briefly discuss it and then swiftly change the conversation. It’s your date, so get to know him.

Don’t Drink Much

When on a date, people usually grab drinks to overcome any sort of awkwardness. It is easy to talk to someone on a date while drinking vodka tonic. But, always be cautious and don’t drink much. It is never a good idea to get drunk on an after-work date because you will end up with lots of embarrassment. So, always remain on the safe side and drink within limits, Vodka will always be there but if your image is deteriorated in front of your date, it will be hard to recover.

Avoid Stressing Out

After wearing a nice dress, buying new leather crossbody bag (convertible one), and doing a lot of thinking about your date, don’t panic. You are going on a date to enjoy someone else’s company and have fun, your date might or might not become your romantic partner in the coming time. If your date is successful, you will have a much exciting future. If your date doesn’t go well, you will still have the weekend. Go for shopping and gift yourself the latest Mini Rome. Always remember, do not put any kind of unnecessary stress on yourself.

Mini Rome | Powder & Rose

Mini Rome – Clutch/Shoulder/Crossbody Bag

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