What Makes Designer Handbags Irresistible For Urban Women?

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A woman is a bag she is carrying just the way a man is a shoe on his feet. Step into a popular handbag retail store and you’ll meet women tiptoeing around gushing at the immaculate display of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Gucci…feeling the leather delicately with their fingers and looking like they’re okay with the price tag.

The truth is that for most women, the price of a designer bag is worth months of their salary. But this doesn’t stop them from buying the bag. The question is, what makes these bags so irresistible?

The Name (Brand)

Women are willing to spend thousands of dollars in a Gucci tote bag because they want to be associated with a certain class. Others buy bags to have these designers as part of their collection. Handbags are no longer just a fashion accessory; they are a collectable and an investment.

Value for Money

Designer handbags flaunt high-grade quality of materials. Women are willing to invest in good quality handbags the same way men will go out of their way to buy quality shoes than settle for ordinary ones. While a designer handbag will put a hole in your pocket, you can carry the bag every day and is it’s a versatile design and colour it will suit you for every occasion.

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More Than a Show of Style

A handbag is the truest show of a woman’s personality. Your bag carry’s your entire life–your comfort, your necessities, your secrets, even your problems. When you’re walking around with a designer handbag, no one can tell your pain or how happy you are; they will only know you’re contented. The right designer handbag showcases your confidence and resilience. It shows that you’re a woman ready to take on the world.

Quality Make

Designer bags like Chanel are made from cowhide, calf leather and mountain goat skin all of which when processed produce an exquisite accessory. The trademark in the designer bags also makes them unique and since most times this will never fade even as the bag ages, the owner can delight in carrying a designer bag for many years. Designer leather bags are extolled for their remarkable texture and softness that appears to be even more luxurious as the bag ages.

Show of Class

We all love attention, and women have found a cheat sheet for getting attention-carrying a designer handbag. For women who don’t love wearing flashy clothes of accessory, simply carrying a designer bag is enough to announce your presence.

Unique Design

Every designer bag has a story behind its make; which is actually another thing that makes these bags so irresistible. Women love to feel special and carrying a unique bag boosts their self-esteem and confidence. You’ll find that tote bags all have the same shape, but designers will often add something extra to make their designs more special.


Designer bags have been with us for more than a century, and they’re not going away anytime soon. The beauty of these bags is that they will never go out of style; so when you invest in one today you’re sure if you care well enough for it, you can pass it on to your next generation. 

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