What Makes Designer Clutch Bags So Addictive?

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Whoever said that clutch bags are impractical sure has not felt what it’s like to have one. We both know that every bag has its purpose. Handbags are made to cater to our essential belongings, to provide use in our daily lives, and to add up to our fashion sense. Though clutch bags are made not for daily use, it is lovely, delicate, and can highlight your whole style. Clutch bags are also very resilient to the point that you can use it in all kinds of parties. But that is not the only thing that makes clutch bags addictive…


Easy to carry

With a size as small as a clutch bag, there is no doubt that it is easier to carry around when going out of a car. If you are the kind of person who often needs a huge bag for a day, going out of your office to grab a quick bite can be too hassle. Instead, you can put your essentials in your clutch bag such as money, lipstick, and the likes. You can just grab it without any concern of hauling it around your shoulder. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the event and make it an experience worthwhile.



Women usually prefer the most convenient style instead of spending too much time branching out more unusual item. It comes in different designs from animal prints to plain solid colors that can match any corporate attire. This can add up a new touch of something different to your everyday style. So, instead of investing in new clothes or a new set of handbags, using clutch bag can give that dire need of change you’ve been meaning for so long.

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Clutch bags can be anything you want it to be. It can serve as mini bags to as to give your shoulders a break from heavy shoulder bags that can put remarkable amount of strain on the body. Carrying huge purses also becomes uncomfortable and annoying. Clutch bags are lightweight and you actually do your body a favor by not adding all the extra weight of cosmetics and other products that you used to carry in your larger purse.



Not those clutch bags only existed in this generation—sure, there are clutch bags existing during the 80s but it is still different to own a clutch bag that has clean edges and boxy feel. These features make the bag feel modern and it is something that you don’t get to experience from other purses. As have been said earlier, clutch bags can highlight your style, so an edgy outfit perfectly fits with an edgy clutch bag.


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