Sustainable Luxury Bag Brand to Keep for a Lifetime

Despite knowing that luxury bags come for a fortune, women still love to invest in such bags. Why? A simple reason is “sustainability”. Luxury bags are not only many steps above the ordinary bags but are also more sustainable than the ordinary ones.


The sustainable bags are timeless quality products. If you ask the experts, most of them will suggest purchasing a sustainable luxury handbag. But what are the true characteristics of sustainable bags? These are the bags made up of highest quality material and lasts longer. When the trend returns after some years, these bags look like new as if they are purchased just now.


One brand that is an epitome of sustainable fashion is Esin Akan. It produces sustainable luxury bags which can be kept for a lifetime. The first proof of sustainability is that all the handbags made under this brand are of the highest quality calf leather, by-product of the food industry.


The food industry uses the meat of animals but leaves the leather unused. This brand, Esin Akan, makes the perfect use of that leftover leather. With the help of unique ideas and skilled workforce, it produces the most sought-after sustainable luxury handbags of the present time. This is visible in all its products such as Rome, Notting Hill, and many more.

Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Another breed of bags, made of PU, PVC, coated fabric or plastic, is also available on the market. These bags sell only because they are cheap and easily available. Those women buying such bags should understand that the material used to make them is harmful to humans as well as the whole environment.


If they stop purchasing handbags made of harmful materials and start buying the ones made up of sustainable material like leather, they will be doing for this planet and whole humanity. The leather is a very durable and eco-friendly material. In order to make its bag more eco-friendly and sustainable, Esin Akan, minimize the use of chemicals while tanning leather and it remains away from any chemical harmful for human health.


Sustainability to Esin Akan is not only about producing the best quality, long-lasting bags but also about working in an ethical way. It means this brand provides the sustainable working environment to all its workers and all of them are paid fair wages, proficiently rewarding the hard work they do.


Another good deed Esin Akan is doing is donating a part of its sales each month to causes related to women’s education and child’s safety. The brand also regularly donates to UNICEF and raise funds for the scholarship of higher education of women. Recently this brand, Esin Akan, sponsored an African woman to do her MBA from London Business School.


Purchasing goods from such a brand is always advantageous. You not only get the most sustainable product but a part of your hard-earned money is used for noble causes. You can buy the best sustainable handbags from the online store of Esin Akan.