Red or Black Bags?

With the Christmas season approaching, we selected the most popular colours of all winter colours. Black and red occupied the top slots as they are the colours likely not to miss in a woman’s handbag collection.

A handbag is the most functional accessory in any woman’s closet. It is where they keep their on-the-go valuable for easy reach and for protection from weather elements, careless damage and also theft. Designer brands and labels often try to keep up with the latest trends in bag fabrications, designs and colours.

Black and red are two colours that never fail to feature in any bag collection. Black leather bags usually sell the most as this colour and match with perfectly with a majority of clothing and footwear. Black is a colour considered a classic not just because it works fine with almost every other colour but also because it compliments other colours.

Red, on the other hand, is a seasonal colour. Christmas and winter season is a time to dress in warm colours. Red has a lot of significance in this season and it, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise it’s a top preference for many people. But the popularity of red bags cannot come any closer to that of black bags.

What Makes Black Leather Bags So Popular?

  • Symbolizes Power: Black is a colour associated with authority. It represents power and elegance and for this reason a top choice for women seeking sophistication and the feeling of being in charge. Several emotions are also attached to this colour which makes it ideal for a large majority of people. People see you as a woman who wants to win the world when you compliment your official or casual look with a beautiful leather black bag.
  • Always Trendy: We all know black will never go out of style. Every fashion event never misses a segment showcasing black items and even when there are new designs introduced for a special season like Christmas, a black edition can never fail to appear.
  • All-Purpose Color: Black is the most versatile and neutral colour you will ever come across. The strong personality of the colour black will narrow down the functionality of your entire attire. The design of a leather bag plays a big role in how it compliments your dressing, but the colour really determines how your whole attire scores.
  • Attracts Attention: Unless you’re a movie star, the president of a country or a football player, your options for attracting attention are very limited. Pairing your leather jacket with a black shiny leather bag is a smart way of getting noticed when you attend family events or party with your friends.
  • Colour Psychology: If you have a fear of getting your colour wrong, black is the colour to stick to. What makes this a safe option even for shy people is that it’s a perfect neutral and will fit in place in every occasion.


Red is a bold colour and therefore common with people who love to experiment with colours. However, for most shoppers all over the world, black is a default colour. This colour signifies dominance, power, elegance and class. Both red and black are colours for this season so if you’re confused about which one is right for you, give more consideration on the design. is an internet leather handbag sensation and the perfect place to find a classy red or black leather handbag.