How do you get water marks out of leather?

To complete our perfect look, you may combine your dress with an amazing and original leather bag. While you are in a great romantic dinner with your lover, your precious leather bag suddenly become wet! Either because of water or something else! Do not worry, there can be many things on your stunning leather bag. However, if you are practical there is always a solution. If you are looking for the most original and creative leather bag design, Esin Akan produces the best models for you. She is a very well-known designer in the modern leather world and a successful business person. Apart from the great service of the brand, you may still wonder how you can get rid of the watermarks out of your leather bag. Well, we have some tips for you. Let’s check it out;

  • Do not freak out!

You may be in a meeting, at the office or work or anywhere else that you are not available to create solutions to interfere with the problems. Somebody can drop water on a desk and it may come through your amazing leather bag. It is okay and can happen to everyone. Just calm down and wait for the right time. Water can gradually leave round stains on your leather bag. You should wipe your bag with a dry cloth slowly and leave it to dry on itself. Do not use a hair dryer or heater in any case. You can damage the genuine leather. After it dries properly, you can use leather sprays.

  • Paper Towel

You may not believe this but the paper towel is actually can be your hero! Find some paper towel as soon as possible, some soft detergent, a sponge and hot water. Firstly, before the leather absorbs the water, wipe the surface with the paper towel. Then mix the detergent and hot water. Put the mixture on the sponge and wipe the surface with the sponge. Apply this till you make sure that the stain is gone! The last step, wipe with the paper towel and let it dry!

  • Stunning Cure: Vaseline!

As you might know, Vaseline is an amazing solution for many problems. Put some Vaseline on your magnificent leather bag and apply this on the whole surface of the leather bag. This process makes your leather bag shiny and water-resistant! Practice this once in a month and get rid of all your problems! How cool this is!

How to buy and order?

If you want to learn more about the features of leather bags, you can follow this stunning and trendiest brand Esin Akan! Esin Akan takes order from all around the world and shipping is free! If you have more questions about these stunning bags, you can ask whatever you want and explore more! You can also join the mail list and be the first one about all the developments in the leather bag world! Do not miss new trends and discover your perfect leather bag! You can also follow the social media accounts of Esin Akan: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Smart bags for smart and independent women!

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