The Winter To Spring Transition Style Guide

It is that time of year when the temperature falls down from cold to almost warm and wonderful. This time your wardrobe is changing from full winter wear towards a more comfortable spring style. You should be a bit creative when you have to accessorize your way into the spring season. In accessories, you can start wearing statement earrings or leather tote bag or mules and slides this spring season.

Here is a small winter to spring transition style guide which focuses on today’s women. You can go through this guide and find out the best ways to accessorize yourself this spring season.

Be Ready for The Rains

March and April can be rainy which mean that you should be ready for the rains. Buy accessories which will keep you dry like a stylish and waterproof jacket, a pair of rain boots, and an adorable umbrella. If you have these accessories, rains will have no reason to stop you from looking elegant.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are this generation’s favorite accessory. You can get them in every shape, size, and color, and they will no doubt make your outfit – in every season – immediately special. During the winters, you can stick to gorgeous textures with muted colors and the spring season has really no rules. The bigger and brighter ones are the best. If you are looking to make a statement, pick a pair of earrings which will highlight any subtle color of your outfit.

Invest in Designer Handbags

This section is especially for today’s versatile women. Women today are engaged in multiple roles and a designer handbag is a perfect way to reflect her style. If you work, then womens work tote will enhance your personality and if you are more into the material, then there can’t be a better option than a leather tote bag. While transitioning from winters to spring, a shift to designer tote bags will be a wise decision. You can go for bright colors and a tote bag in leather will be more than better for this spring. Here are two tote bags which are favorite of masses and turning the heads.

· Stockholm Alloy

This is the most precise tote bag of the present time. With its drawstring closure and side tying knot, you can adjust its size and the opening. Your tote bag can be easily transformed into a large sized shopping bag. A perfect piece for women who goes to work, usually travel and end the day at the gym. You can easily carry an extra pair of shoes, clothes and work essentials like laptop and A4 sized files in it.

Stockholm – Tote/Shoulder/Laptop bag

· Mini Stockholm Turkish Sea

This is yet another tote bag perfect for spring. This bag reflects the current trend and is used as a carry tote or the shoulder bag. Like its bigger counterpart, the size and opening of this bag can also be adjusted. This bag is made from first quality bespoke calf leather and is a stylish accessory for your work outfit.

Stockholm – Tote/Crossbody bag

Mules and Slides

Mules and slides always rock spring and summer. With them, you no longer have to bend over for tying your shoes. A perfect option for every woman who has a busy life. They are very easy and comfortable to wear and chic every time.