The Lightest Tote Bags

Tote bags are the present generation’s favorite. Whether college goers or smart working professionals, every woman adores the unique combination of elegance, simplicity, and versatility tote bags reflect. Though there are many options in the form of shoulder bags, briefcases, and backpacks, a lightweight tote bag has always been the first preference.

When it comes to finding the lightest tote bags, women usually fail to decide whether to go for the one made of canvas or the one made from leather. According to experts, smart working women should always consider a leather tote bag over its canvas version. A leather tote bag can serve you for many more years in comparison to the one made of canvas. Moreover, leather softens with time and looks even more refined.

On the other hand, a canvas tote bag stands nowhere near to a leather tote bag in terms of style and looks. Their looks are more casual and thus, working women do not like carrying them. Today, you are going to learn about the lightest tote bags one can look forward to. Here are they:

1.     Stockholm

Most women define Stockholm as the perfect womens work tote. This is because it is the most practical tote bag of this century. When you are going to your workplace, use it as the work tote and while travelling, utilize its drawstring closure as well as side tie knot and convert it into a large sized travel bag. Usually, it is seen that designer bags are embellished with metal accessories which unnecessarily increase the bag’s weight. But, this is not the case with Stockholm as it has no metal accessories. Moreover, it is made with the lightest leather and lining to gain extra lightness and benefit all those who carry a laptop to work.

Suppose that you are leaving for the workplace and from there you have to travel for one day and while returning, you have to visit the gym. For this kind of schedule, women usually worry and think how to carry all the required stuff but with Stockholm, there is no room for worries. Instead, there is enough room to easily carry your work essentials like a laptop, A4 files, and an extra pair of clothes, shoes. Note that even after carrying all this stuff, your shoulder will remain burden-free. Thanks to Esin Akan!

             Stockholm - Starfish 

2.     Mini Stockholm

As the name suggests, Mini Stockholm is the smaller version of the above discussed Stockholm. It bears many qualities of its bigger version but this lightweight tote bag doesn’t get converted into a large sized travel bag. Instead, you can use it as a mini handheld tote bag or convert it into a stylish crossbody bag. All the major features and functions of Mini Stockholm are similar to Stockholm. Like Stockholm, Mini Stockholm can also carry a lot of things. You can easily place a tablet, an extra cardigan, and an umbrella along with your makeup essentials in it. In short, Mini Stockholm is a perfect tote bag for every workday and weekend.

       Mini Stockholm - Riffle Green

Both Stockholm and Mini Stockholm are available in multiple shades such as Navy & Poppy, Turkish Sea, and others. You can anytime visit the online store of Esin Akan and purchase these bags. If you want to see other colors and purchase the lightest tote bags right now, click here.