How to Look Stylish from Work to Evening

Being stylish is something that is not very simple. Everyone would want to look attractive to others and most people are willing to spend a considerable amount of money in order to stay stylish. But simply spending money without any thought wouldn’t help this cause. One must be updated about the current trends in the field of fashion and style. Everything from the clothes to all the accessories that a person uses needs to be carefully selected. One unwise choice would reduce the visual attractiveness by a large factor.


When it comes to accessories, bags are among the most important ones. And in the category of bags tote bags are right there at the top as far as stylishness and comfort are concerned. As far as working women are concerned, it is important to choose the best work bags for women. But this choice is not as simple as it might seem. There are various things to keep in the back of the mind when choosing the best tote bag for work. Milan Marine, Stockholm starfish are some of the most popular models of such tote bags in the market.


Milan Marine

The utility:

While choosing a tote bag for work, extra care must be taken to ensure that it is able to serve the purpose quite efficiently. For example, a bag that has separate pockets for various things like lunch, money, mobile phone etc. would be much handier than a bag that has a single pocket. Also, the weight of the bag is a major concern. This is where a leather tote bag has a disadvantage. Stockholm bags are known for their light weightiness.

 STOCKHOLM starfish

Stockholm Starfish

Being multipurpose is also quite useful. If the bag’s clutches or slings can be removed, then it can also be used for the evening party as well. This is a considerable reduction in the overall expenditure.


The price is a very important factor:

When it comes to the process of finding out whether the price is a feasible one, care must be taken to ensure that all the other factors like durability, utility etc. are considered. This means that spending a little more for a bag that is very durable when compared to a low-quality bag is not an unwise decision at all. The fact that fashion would change after some time should also be kept in mind.


Design, colour and material:

If you are planning to buy a wallet bag or cross body bag then perhaps the most important things to consider are the design and the colour. If you are looking for a work bag, then going for striking colour and design wouldn’t be the best decision. At the same time, care must be taken to choose a bag that can also be taken to the evening party if required. Stockholm poppy, mini Santorini poppy etc. are some of the most sought for bags.

stockholm poppy

Stockholm Poppy


A decision taken after considering all these factors wouldn’t be a bad one. Visit Esin Akan. They will definitely help you in the search of best designer tote bags for work.

Mini santorini poppy

Mini Santorini Poppy