Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money with Fake Designer Bags

Designer bags have always been the in-thing, not just with handbags but also other clothing types and accessory. Generation after generation, the obsession with designer products has resulted in them being out of the price range for many of us, and more fake designer handbags being produced.

A fake designer bag is one that closely resembles the original bag in its design, has a label that purports it was created by a popular bag artist, but is made from cheap materials.

Some people buy designer bags knowingly because they can’t afford the real thing but the feeling of wearing a designer (even if it’s not original) boosts their self-esteem. On the other hand, there are people who are duped into purchasing fake designer bags unknowingly. In their desperation to cut save money on their purchase, they fall for lies of suppliers purporting to sell real designer bags at a bargain price.

Whether you purchase a fake designer bag knowingly or you become a victim of not doing your research well prior to making your purchase, wearing a fake designer bag could affect you immensely. Here’s how

  • Detrimental to your health

Fake bags are sometimes made with materials (chemicals used for processing) that don’t meet the required safety standards. Since the manufacturers of these bags want to minimize the money spent on production, they won’t just use cheap quality products and but will also fail to test them for skin-safety. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll see be exposing yourself to allergic reactions and may spend money treating this.

  • Possibly funding a bad cause

While fake designer bags are more affordable than the real thing, they are not as cheap as non-designer bags. The reason for this is that the suppliers of these bags usually avoid raising eyebrows by selling a bag for less than a quarter the amount other people are selling it for. Another reason they try to maintain an “ordinary price” for these fake bags is that sometimes they use the money for some terrible cause. Unfortunately, most times the cause won’t be something you want to be associated with. Fake bags have been sold to fund human trafficking, terrorism, and other things.

  • Risk of prosecution

In some countries wearing a fake designer, anything is against the law. Whether it’s a fake bag or a fake watch, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law with the bag you through you were lucky to afford for less. You can’t know the rules of every country regarding counterfeit goods, it’s better to just keep off fake designer bags completely.

  • Risk being ridiculed and shamed

The accessibility of the internet has made more people aware of the reality of fake designer bags. In fact, unlike in the past where you would fool many people with a fake designer, most people today can immediately tell when the bag is a counterfeit channel or Armani. If you’re not-so-lucky and your friends or family members learn that your bags are fake designer they will label you a wanna-be, which may negatively affect your self-esteem.


At the end of the day, wearing a fake designer bag will still not raise your class. You’re better off wearing a good quality non-designer bag than wasting your hard earned money in a counterfeit version of a designer bag. Visit esinakan.com for affordable leather handbags for modern women.