Why shoppers invest so much in Designer Bags?

There are many fashion magazines and internet articles that extoll the value of investing in costly designer handbags. The latest Chanel or Alexander McQueen will take a dip into your bank account–but as the logic follows, this bag will serve you for many years returning your investment and even making the bag cheaper in the long-run.

The psychology behind designer bags is that although their price tag is daunting, they are a good investment in the long-term. A designer bag also answers something about you (the wearer); do you have style? Do you care so much about yourself that you’re willing to invest in yourself? Do you care about what the products you carry are made of and how they are produced?

Some designer products are completely unaffordable for many of us, but for smart women, these are not designer handbags. Classic designer styles never get out of fashion, and designers like Louis Vuitton are always willing to fix your bag for free if anything happens to them before they reach their expected shelf-life.

Although good designer handbags never go out of style, there are new ranges that cram showrooms every season. Most times there are only subtle improvements or details added to the original ones. This can be a change in the handheld style, an increase in the size or capacity or introduction of an innovative clasp. With every new season, there is an ‘Icon Bag’ that women will pay the price of a cow for.

For many women, their handbag in their home. It’s the multi-tasking gadget that combines the characteristics of utility and practicality besides flaunting their personal taste. A designer handbag also offers the owner certain security and reflects their economic prosperity. Some women will play safe with their attire perhaps due to the restrictions imposed on them at work or for lack of interest in flashy attire, but these same women will be frequently spotted with a designer handbag.

An ordinary supermarket bag can be useful in carrying a woman belonging as would a designer bag, the difference is that it won’t make a woman feel as good. Given its visibility, a good handbag is like shorthand for communicating an individual’s style. Are you an-get-what-want-Gucci girl? Or are you a canny-on-the-know Mansur Gavriel woman? The designer bag that dangles from your hand speaks more than just your style, it also communicates your personality.

Women are ever ready to invest in designer handbags because there is always something for everyone, yet also universal. The biggest advantage that handbags have is that there is no danger in purchasing the wrong size.

Bottom Line

Bags are what cars mean to women. You buy one, unlike a dress you wear time to time, you wear the bag every day, everywhere. Therefore, you want the bag to tell something about you…if you prefer minimal no logo bags…it says something about you. If you wear a Gucci bag with a big flashy logo that again tells something about your character...Bags are like I.D for women. If you are up for minimal elegant bags without the fuss check out: esinakan.com