Why Are Leather Handbags So Popular Today?

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Leather handbags are a glam sensation in many parts of the world today. These bags are not just spotted on runways and with celebrities, even ordinary hard working or party-loving women are accustomed to these bags. Leather handbags are a good mix of small- and over-sized bags and can also be pricey or affordable depending on the quality and where you buy your bag from.

There are several reasons women are going bananas over leather handbags. Here are just a few.

  • Long Lasting

Stay with me here; would you rather purchase a handbag costing $300 that will last you ten years or more, or buy a bag that costs $30 that will last you a few months only? Exactly! Women have discovered that there is more value in purchasing leather bags compared to other materials as these bags are durable and serve them for longer. They are built to face weather elements, to survive wear and tear resulting from consistent use and to carry all your requirements at any time. Why else would anyone not love such a bag?

  • Sustainable Material

There’s no denying that there are manufacturers who source their materials unethically, but a majority of leather products manufacturers have been enlightened on environmental sustainability. Not only are modern leather bags made from recycled materials, but the bi-product of their production is also not toxic to the environment. These bags are designed and produced by people who love their job; under the best working conditions. Most leather handbag manufactures don’t exploit animals already in danger of extinction.

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  • High Quality, Safe Materials

Some people don’t buy leather products is because they believe the bi-product of the production is harmful to the environment. They are also of the opinion that fabrics are safer for humans than leather. This is actually not true because most bags claimed to be coated fabric are in fact PVC or plastic and hazardous to the environment and human health. Quality leather handbags are made from environmentally friendly materials such as bull hides or calf hides and produced win the most attainable ethical standards.

  • Ages Beautifully

Good leather ages like fine wine. If you purchase a quality leather bag, it will serve you for many years and you may pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter who could also possibly pass it to the next generation. The durability of leather bags is a function of both the quality of the material and how you care for your bag. Treat your leather bag the same way you treat your car and you’ll see that the more it ages the more it gets beautiful. And these bags never get out of fashion so imagine how your bag will be admired by many people even after several years in your closet.


A good leather bag has a fashion status attached to it. These bags have won our hearts not just for the butter of the soft material they flaunt but for their wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. Visit Esin Akan for a wide variety of quality leather handbags.

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