The Black Bag Wardrobe Staple

Whether you are into designer shoulder bags, leather tote or evening clutches, follow that single rule for every chic girl: invest in black bag wardrobe staple. Even if you love to experiment with colors, black should be the hero of your closet which can be worn repeatedly.

The coolest street fashion is incomplete without black. Either dress-up completely in black or include any black accessory to your overall appearance. This will enhance your looks from simple to a stylish and modern woman. When different pieces of black bags are in your closet, you won’t need to worry about any future season.

Some amazing bag ideas are here so that you know how to be minimalist and look more fashionable. These bags can be in any color but when in black, they strengthen your wardrobe.

Everyday Bag

The everyday bag is best when in brown or black, the dark neutral. With most of the everyday styles, charcoal or navy colored bags are also a good fit. Your everyday bag can be a convertible handbag or a leather backpack, the most important thing is that it must fit all items you require in your everyday life: glasses/sunglasses, wallet, cosmetics, phone, keys, etc. and remember that it should not weigh too much. Amongst all other bags, this bag is most important because it is usually worn the most. The material most suitable for this bag is leather and with this bag, you can easily go from shopping to the dinner.

Rome | Black – Shoulder Bag / Clutch Bag

Crossbody Bag

A leather crossbody bag is essential for most women. This bag can be worn every day of your weekend, and it is usually the go-to-style for sporting events and concerts. Opting for a crossbody bag in smallish to a bit medium size from Esin Akan will give you freedom from a backache during the day. This bag is casual and used for adventure as well as fun, so it is always best in black color and better when fabricated in leather.

Nice | Black – Crossbody Bag / Clutch Bag

Evening Clutch

An evening clutch is a little beauty that differentiates your standard evenings from the exclusive ones. You can easily put your essentials like keys, a lipstick, and phone in it. A black colored clutch wallet will be the best choice. It will blend with your outfit and to reflect that classic expensive look, you can choose a pleated or box-shaped design. In material, satin will add great versatility and you can also go for the one with some embellishments.

Barcelona | Black – Crossbody Bag / Clutch Bag  

Work Tote

Nowadays, most women go for the womens work tote in which laptops can easily fit. They are the amazing all-in-one bags, but the only drawback with them is that they can be heavy when you load many items in them. This is bad for your body. Whether you are working in the mainstream corporate office or a much casual office, a black colored work tote will always be your side. Its structuring can be different according to your office. While purchasing a work tote, always remember to buy the one weighing less when empty. Try to remain away from very heavy hardware or a bag which has very thick leather.

Call to action: Some more black bags that can be best wardrobe staples are small work bags, casual tote, going-out bags, winter and summer evening bags, straw tote bags, and waterproof beach bags. You can get that perfect black bag from Esin Akan a famous UK-based online store.

Stockholm | Black – Tote Bag