Is carrying a heavy backpack bad for you?

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Backpacks are the most convenient, popular and practical way to carry much stuff if used appropriately. The backpacks are designed to distribute the load on the strong muscles of the body. User should periodically control if they have pain in their neck or back, and if they have pain, numbness or tingling in their hands, they should definitely consult the specialist.

If backpacks are not used properly, pain and numbness may occur due to various muscles, joint and nerve injuries.

Possible Effects of Heavy Backpack Carrying

  • Low back pain: Especially if the bag's straps are long and loose, the back of the body's centre of gravity causes excessive strain and pain in the lumbar muscles.
  • Back pain: If the bag is heavy and / or one-sided shoulder strap is used, it causes muscle strain. Bags carried with one hand or shoulder can cause posture disorders such as scoliosis in the spine, especially when the neck increases rapidly.
  • Shoulder pain: The shoulder straps in the bag are large and soft, which helps to distribute the load evenly on the shoulder.
  • Pain in the Hand and Arms: If the shoulder straps of the bag are thin and the bag is heavy, pain and numbness are seen as a result of injury to the nerves leading to the hands and arms.
  • Neck - headache: Tension in the neck muscles, neck pain and tension can cause headaches in case of heavy bag carrying or unilateral carrying.
  • Pain in the legs: Stress and pain can be seen in the muscles of the legs, especially when carrying a heavy and inappropriate backpack and climbing steps or stairs.
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Convenient Bag Use

  • Tighten the straps so that the bag approaches the body. The straps should hold the bag over 5 cm of the waist.
  • The backpack should be light and should not exceed 20% of the user's weight.
  • Make it a habit to use the entire backpack. Place the heavy ones close to the back and in the middle.
  • The bag should be checked every day and weights that are not needed should be discarded.
  • When you take something off the ground while carrying a backpack, break your knees and squat, avoid leaning forward.
  • Those who have to carry heavy backpack should do exercises that strengthen the back and waist muscles.

Choosing the Suitable Backpack

When choosing the right backpack you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose backpack with a wide strap and good shoulder pad. Thin ones cause circulatory disorder and pain as a result of excessive pressure on a certain point of the shoulder.
  • Choose a double-strap backpack; one-sided ones can't evenly distribute the load.
  • The back pad should be good; in the thin ones, the hard objects in the bag or the corner ends of the book sink into the back and disturb them.
  • Waist strap fastening ensures the distribution of heavy loads,
  • Choose brands that use quality materials and have successful designs.

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