Recent researches have revealed that almost half of the working women suffer from back pain. The interesting thing is that different government and private organisations are spending billions of dollars to cure back pain but only a few of them are aware of the real culprit — the handbags.

Esin Akan is one wise brand making efforts to reduce the back pain of the modern office-going women. The brand is making lightweight backpacks for women, which do not put stress on the spinal cord.

Over the last few years, the backpack has been gaining a lot of popularity because people have realized that while carrying a handbag, the weight of that handbag remains only on one shoulder which affects the posture.

How handbags cause back pain?

Many women carry handbags and purses on their dominant side - if right-handed, they hang the handbag over their right shoulder. As a result, the muscles of the dominant side become big and cause asymmetry in their posture. 

This asymmetrical load further causes spine muscles to make up for the extra weight. The other side of your spine twitches and the lower back, as well as the sacrum (the last bone of the spine), gets affected. Remember that more asymmetrical load on your either shoulder puts the load on every part below the shoulder.

The Help

Everyone is aware of the busy life today’s women are living. They leave the home to office and after the office, some do shopping, some go to the gym, and some go to the parties. In short, life is very busy; the whole day ends up in rushing from one place to another.

In order to keep pace with this busy schedule, a lot of things need to be carried in bags which increases the weight of the handbag and ultimately causes back pain. Sometimes, the pain is so severe that an immediate medical attention is required.

The only solution for this is the lightweight leather backpack from the house of Esin Akan. This brand is involved in manufacturing fashionable backpacks for women which add style to the overall appearance of the woman carrying them.

The most loved backpacks for women from Esin Akan are:

  • Notting Hill: Notting Hill is that one backpack that doesn’t put any stress on the back. It is available in Black & Poppy, Plum & Rose, Powder & Rose, and Black shade. When a customer saw the Esin Akan Notting Hill bag, she said: “This is it”. This was the reaction because, after a long research, she found a stylish backpack that is perfect for both work and weekend.

Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag

Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag


  • Mini Notting Hill: Mini Notting Hill is the smaller version of its bigger counterpart. Commonly available in Navy & Poppy, Poppy, Alloy & Turkish Sea shades, Mini Notting Hill is another backpack that women are crazy for.

Mini Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag

Mini Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag


If you are also suffering from back pain, take some time and think about why it has really happened. Is it your handbag? If yes, it's time to replace it with a leather backpack. So, get one from the online store of Esin Akan now!