5 Things to Know About Professional Work Bags for Women Who Take Public Transit

For today’s business women, a sophisticated professional image is one of the key factors to their success that probably comes after their experiences and skill levels. You must have watched that movie “Working Girl” that depicts a secretary who is more competent and skilled than her boss but she hits the pinnacle only when she gets rid of her large hair and projects the image of an elegant and well-groomed women.   

There are so many ways to look elegant and smart, and when it is about work bags, your choice is not limited to masculine briefcase and attaché case only.

Big handbags are now the trend

It is not only the shoppers, but corporate women now also use big handbags that are so easy to wear when commuting in public transport. You will find styles that bring the looks of chic work bags to perfection that even the finest briefcase could never reach. So, rather than opting for a briefcase, you can carry a structured tote bag that will give you versatility and convenience.

Stick to natural colors

If you are in a creative industry, you probably could do well with the causal styles and bright colors. But if your company has a traditional business setting, you may have to stick to neutral colors that won’t hamper your boss’s attention when he is presenting something in a meeting room. We believe black will suit any business woman though you are always spoilt with choices, from the serpentine gray to off white tones to the warm brown and many more.

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Avoid unstructured hobos for your work bag

The problem with unstructured hobos for a work bag is in the look. Yes, they are roomy and you can accommodate a lot of your files and other belongings quite easily. But they often give off a casual vibe that actually suits well a weekend trip or other leisure time. So, if you do choose to have unstructured hobos for your work bag, when you will be commuting on a public transport, the look may really seem odd, trust us!

Size is a matter of concern

Your work bag should be large enough to accommodate your papers and other work essentials. It should not be so big that you will be fighting hard to manage it during your commute time. Also, it should not be so heavy to give you back pain and look ridiculous when the fashion will change.

No need to pay top dollar

You do not need a designer bag with a five-figure price tag to suit your professional look. An authentic luxury handbag like those at Esin Akan will surely make you look like a real professional that will suit your style but won’t be heavy on your pocket.

You really do not need to renounce your femininity and dress up like a man to have a professional look these days. Esin Akan has some of the finest work bag collection for both the classic and the modern working women. Check out their collection!

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