The Crossbody Bag

A woman’s decision to purchase a handbag is often influenced by different factors such as the brand, colour, material, size, and trend. This is 100% true but, there is a bigger truth than this. Almost every woman wants a bag that is robust, elegant, smart, worthwhile, and should complement their looks.

Though numerous kinds of handbags are available in the market, only a leather crossbody bag can meet almost all the requirements of women. Whatever be your purpose, whatever be your body shape, and whatever type of outfit you are wearing, remember that a leather crossbody bag will always be your perfect partner.

Now, you know about the kind of bag every woman should have in her closet but do you know what factors one should consider while purchasing a crossbody bag? If not, continue reading this article because it contains various aspects you should keep in mind while purchasing a leather crossbody bag. Here are they:


The first thing you should consider is the weight of the bag. Note that you won’t be carrying an empty bag, you will be putting some items in it. If you purchase a bulky crossbody bag, then its weight will further increase after putting essentials in it. Not to mention, this will put unnecessary strain on your back and shoulder muscles. So, while purchasing a crossbody bag, consider its weight. Also, there are certain brands which use heavy metal labelling. This also increases the bag’s weight. Stay away from such bags also.


Another factor to consider is its ability to transform from one form to another. It means you should go for a crossbody bag that can be converted into an elegant clutch also or vice-versa. This way your single bag will serve dual purposes of a crossbody as well as a clutch bag.


Adaptability is yet another factor to consider while purchasing a crossbody bag. Your bag should perfectly adapt to multiple occasions such as to your workplace, while travelling, or during the weekend. It should accompany you wherever you need it.


The material of a crossbody bag also matters because only then, it can successfully meet all your requirements. You should purchase a leather crossbody bag as only such a bag can provide you with the much-desired durability. In leather, go for the grainy leather because it is sturdier and won’t scratch easily.

Place of Origin

One might think that the place of origin is not something important but if you really want to have a crossbody bag that meets all your needs, then you should consider where it is made. For best quality crossbody bags, choose the ones made in Europe. In order to produce the perfect crossbody bags, they source the best quality leather from Turkey, Spain, and Italy.  

Is There Any Bag That Satisfies All These Conditions?

After reading all the above factors, this question is expected. Yes, there is a crossbody bag that meets all these factors and that bag is Nice from the house of Esin Akan. It is available in different shades such as Cherry & Rose, PowderNavy & Poppy, Black, and others. What are you waiting for? Click here and explore more.