Purse Colors for All Seasons

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All women who appreciate quality bags will agree that they can cause you an arm and a leg. It’s for this reason that we usually look for a bag that offers good service. Buying a high-end bag is a big investment, and like other investments, you want value for your money. A luxury bag is not a worthy buy if it’s not flexible enough to fit all seasons. Colour is what can make or break the usefulness or a quality bag, so we’ll highlight the purse colours you must own.

  • Black

Black has always been the queen colour of fashion, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s our number one must-own colour. The depth that a black handbag project allows it to make a statement while letting other colours also shine. Whether you’re donning a colourful summer dress or calm fall Chino pants, you can be sure that your black bag will look just right.

Esin Akan Emma black leather tote bag

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  • Tan

Tan color handbags are perhaps the most underrated when it comes to their flexibility and appropriateness for all seasons. This is a multipurpose handbag because it makes a good combination with almost every colour of the outfit. Many neutral color handbags pair better with strong-detailed outfits, for example, grommets or fringe. You can pair this purse with an ensemble of any colour, including navy, gold, white, neutrals and black. This makes neutral tones are the colours for all seasons and it also means you can maximize the investment you put in the bag.

Esin Akan Midi Belgravia crossbody bag in tan

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  • Beige

Beige as a colour rhymes work well with neutral shades because it’s also neutral. You can pair your beige bag with outfits that are blue, navy, neutral colors, red and black. Beige highlights the beauty of nautical coloured outfits so your summer dresses will definitely pop when you’re carrying this bag. In winter, beige will bring the versatility that your outfit needs to cheer you up. The secret to finding a perfect beige colour is to seek the right shade. Starfish / Beige at Esin Akan would go well with everything

Esin Akan Mini Belgravia Vanilla small crossbody bag

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  • Red

Red is a colour associated with courage and attractiveness. The flattering nature of red became the favourite of confident women. This colour brilliantly accommodates earthly, black, navy and neutral shades. Red purses complement almost all other colours. Red comes with a variety of shades. Red purses have a flattering effect on all outfits. Whether you go for a small red handbag or a red top handle tote bag you will always feel uplifted and confident.

Esin Akan Cornwall Red Phone crossbody bag

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Far from colour, the type of purse you choose depends on your individual personality. The colour you find most accommodating will also be one that fits your persona. Once you know what this colour is, you won’t fill your handbag wardrobe with too many colours that never see the light of the day.

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