How to identify Authentic Leather Handbags?

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Leather handbags are highly popular nowadays all around the world. Even though all kinds of leather bags very stylish and chic with many great combinations, it may be troubling to detect and choose the authentic leather handbags. We have amazing tips for you to understand which leather handbags are real. Let’s look at closer;

  • Touch the handbag and feel it

When you touch the handbag if its surface is fine and makes you feel plastic tissue. You may start to be suspicious even though it looks beautiful and charming. On the other hand, authentic leather handbags’ surface is thicker. Once you figure this method out and get used to it, you will see how helpful it is.

  • Go ahead and smell

You may think that the leather handbag looks perfect and it fits with your outfit. Well, why should I smell it? Yes, it may sound ridiculous and it is not your favourite food. However, like a trendy person, you need to know the quality of your leather handbag if you are paying for it. In the end, this is a long-termed investment for you. Leather handbags never get old. Real leather handbags have a unique and different smell than faux leather. When you sense this unique smell, you may buy your gorgeous handbag with inner peace.

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  • Always have a “needle” in your bag 

This may also sound outrages, but it works. If you are a huge fan of leather handbags, be sure that you have a needle in your with you all the time. When you find the great leather handbag that you have always been looking for, prick on its’ surface. If it is genuine leather, it is going to be very hard for you to put your needle on the bag. But it is not, you can leave the store and avoid the handbag.

  • Check the bag’s stitch carefully

Real leather handbags are always designed and stitched perfectly. You can not see any mistake or crooked lines on the real leather bags. This is very important. It must be very well-stitched.

  • Be sure about its price

As we all know, leather bags are very expensive; so, make sure that you are not looking for cheap ones. You should always compare the prices. If you encounter cheap leather, think twice because it can be most probably faux leather. Thus, you should keep in mind that quality is no coincidence.

After some practice, you will be professionalized in detecting real leather handbags. After a long and exhausting day at work, you may want to relax and buy your dream leather handbag. You should not worry about to go out, you can check it online.  If you are looking for genuine handbags that fit your elegant look, Esin Akan designs the most beautiful real leather bags for modern women. You can discover all of her special and stylish designs on the website of the brand. You can easily shop and purchase leather handbags by free worldwide shipping. Remember, “Smart bags for smart women”.

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