How do you take care of leather bags in humid weather?

Leather is a material that human beings cannot give up using since the first ages. The usage of leather materials, whose usage has changed over the ages, is the use of clothing, decoration, accessories, etc. It is possible to diversify in the form. Particularly, the main feature of the popularity of leather, which is an indispensable part of women's fashion, is its ability to withstand and breathe for many years.

Leather is one of the most important complementary accessories of women's fashion. One of the indispensable accessories for women who use many accessories as accessories from belts to earrings and shoes in a bag. Especially leather bags, suede, fabric, etc. has been more popular than other handbag models such as. Like other leather accessories, the care and cleaning of leather bags are more laborious than other types of bags.

Taking Care of Leather Bags

It is not a situation that any of us would like to have deformed leather products taken with excitement in a short time. Since the skin is a natural substance, dry and cracking of the products may occur if some points are not observed when using, cleaning and storing.

In short, as with all leather products, we can use leather products for many years if proper care, use and storage conditions are provided.

You can polish leather bags to protect them from rain and snow stains, namely humid waters. For water stains in your bag, it is useful to keep it in water vapour and then polish it to dry. Dry cleaning should be done for chemical dyes that may occur in your bag.

Leather Bag Stain Removal

Do not try to remove stains such as paint, nail polish and ink from your leather bag yourself. In such cases, always apply dry cleaning. If you have a temporary stain on the leather bag, you can avoid this problem in a very practical way:

  • Rinse a cotton swab with soap and water
  • Apply moistly to the stain on your leather bag
  • With this practical care, you can easily get rid of dust and dirt on your bag.

Home leather bag care

If you want to care for leather bags with your facilities at home, you can try the oil alternatives found in every house such as petroleum jelly, almond oil and olive oil. It is enough to apply the oil on the bag with oval movements with the help of a cotton or soft cloth. After this process, it will look clean and bright.

By doing this monthly, you can protect your leather bag from the effects of dirt and dust.

Is the Leather Bag Machine Washable?

For most women, it is quite easy to wash bags in the washing machine. For this reason, they want to wash everything by machine, but for the long-lasting use of leather products, it is not right to throw them into the washing machine.

If you want your leather bag models to remain in the same quality as the first day and offer a longer-term usage, you should not wash them in the machine. You can achieve very effective results by applying the processes listed above.

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