9 Interesting Facts about the History of the Handbag

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 Bag is the general name of the objects used to carry goods made of different materials in different sizes and shapes. Bags are one of the indispensable accessories for women today. The bags have been made of materials such as leather, straw or fabric since ancient times. Today, in addition to leather and fabric materials, petroleum-derived materials are also used.

According to fashion historians, the object, which is perhaps the oldest date among the items included in the concept of fashion, is the bag. It is an accessory used by men, even if not as intense as women.

In this article, you can find 9 interesting historical facts about handbags that are often used by many men and women today.

1) Hunters’ Bag

It is possible to come across bag figures in the relief paintings of Ancient Egypt, Urartians and Sumerians. However, it is known that especially hunters' bags were used in prehistoric periods.

2) Fish Skin Bags

The bags used by the Amazons in the form of pouches and the sacs made by the shamans in the fish skin are among the antique examples of the bags.

3) Depictions in Bags

Sumerian and Akkadian god Anunnaki depictions in the hands of the bag is an interesting detail. The Sumerian statues in Göbeklitepe in Şanlıurfa also include a bag depiction.

4) Birth of the Modern Handbag

The use of the bag in its modern form dates back to the late 19th century. With the change after the Second World War, the bag has come to the forefront as an accessory rather than a necessity. Nowadays, dozens of bag types and models that are differentiated by their features such as colour, shape and size have been introduced.

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5) Bags in Turks

The use of bags in Turks goes back to Central Asia. Previously used in the form of saddlebags or bags in time, the bags gained their modern appearance.

In the Ottoman period, especially letter and money bags were used. Today, these are mostly found in antique collections.

6) Evolution of Bags

The bag, which started with the big form bags used by hunters in the early ages, has differentiated over time according to the necessity and material status.

It is possible to come across bags, handbags hanging from the waist in the relief paintings of ancient times. As in this day, the bag was used as a status symbol in the old times and the rich preferred the more fancy bags.

7) Men’s Handbags

Inspired by hand-carried suitcases, small handbags used by men in the 19th century began to be produced.

8) Using of Zippers

Hermes Company started to use a zipper in the 1920s, which is made of soft materials and embroidered bags, is an epoch in the production of bags.

9) Bags as a Symbol of Status

After the 1960s, especially for women as a symbol of status has come to the fore. Shoulder swinging model bags became widespread in this period. 

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