A day with my New York bag

There comes a time every winter when a woman just NEEDS a new work bag, but a bag that is practical and stylish. A bag to lift those winter blues and upgrade your work wardrobe with a chic spanking new bag. What type of bag I hear you ask? Look no further than a classic tote bag. A tote bag works brilliantly as a work bag. It’s spacious, organized and professional.

 We asked our Social Media guru to take our key tote bag of the season to work with her for the day and give us an account of her day with the bag and its functionality for a very busy working woman.


6.30am – Alarm sounds. First things first, grab a coffee to wake me up.

6.35am – Jump in the shower and get ready for a busy day full of meetings and running around.

7.08am – Check I have everything I need for the day – (already packed my bag last night so just a quick check that I remembered to put my laptop in there after my Netflix binge last night).

7.10am – Leave the house and start the daily commute.

COMMENTS SO FAR – The bag is remarkably light and spacious, I fit everything in there with space to spare. Laptop, charger, files, odd ends. I also coordinated my outfit to match my bag. The New York is in Alloy with London in Turkish Sea, therefore I am popping with a cobalt blue to inject some life into an otherwise grey day in London.

8.30am – Arrive work and make way to my desk, already had several comments on my handbag. (everyone loves the London detachable clutch and it’s colour).

9am – A busy start to the day, back to back meetings until 11.30am. I can easily transport everything I need for the meetings in my work bag as the bag isn’t bulky or heavy to carry.

12pm – Off to lunch with a colleague in Notting Hill which means more tubes but there’s food at the end, so all is good. I have put all my essentials in the detachable clutch so I don’t have to take my full bag with me. In there I have my phone, money and lipstick. All any woman needs.

3pm – Working on some new content for our website and social media featuring our SS18 collection. Photoshoots and editing for the afternoon. Some great things coming soon, WATCH THIS SPACE.

5.30pm – After we worked very hard this afternoon, me and my colleagues have deserved a few drinks. I leave my bag at the office with my laptop and bits and just take what I need home with me in the detachable clutch. But first, socialising. The detachable clutch is perfect! I have all my essentials and it’s so functional and stylish! Small, light and easy to carry. I love it!

7.40pm – Home time.

COMMENTS – It is a classic tote bag that every woman needs in her collection. It may seem classic to begin with, but the added mix and match function of the detachable clutch adds detail. It turns this bag from a minimalistic work bag to an exciting every day bag. From morning till evening, I can use the main bag or the clutch. I can also mix and match the colours to suit my outfit or my occasion. It really is a great all round bag that has all possible features, such as secure zip closures, organized pockets and specialised compartments.

The bag in 3 words - MY FAV BAG!

Available in a range of colours and mix&match London and Sardinia clutches - coming soon!