What Is the Best Crossbody Bag for Travel?

When you are planning to travel either because of work or for personal reasons (including holidays), the biggest concern is to have a bag that can be your perfect partner while travelling. And the first idea that comes into the mind is a leather crossbody bag.

Since there are so many leather crossbody bags in the market, which one would be best for you? Well, there is nothing to worry about because this article contains information that can help you get some of the designer crossbody bags considered best for travel but before that let’s understand why crossbody bags are the best option for travel?

Why travel with crossbody bags?

Crossbody bags are considered best for travelling not only because they are easy to carry, keep your hands free but also because they are safer in comparison to backpacks and shoulder handbags. When you carry crossbody bags, it becomes really difficult for the pickpockets to steal the bag or your valuables from it. Moreover, wearing a crossbody bag doesn’t give the primary impression that you are a tourist.

What is the best crossbody bag for travel?

After understanding how crossbody bags are best for travel, it’s time to focus on and understand the best crossbody bags for travel.

·       MINI MILAN

The first on the list is Mini Milan. If you see it first, you’ll notice that it is a handbag with a top handle but to your surprise, it can be easily transformed into a crossbody bag and this is also one of the reasons for keeping it in the list of best crossbody bags for travel. There is no need to carry a separate handheld purse because holding it from top handle will fulfil that need at the destination. Moreover, this has enough space to carry your belongings and the inside zipped pockets keep your valuables safe and organized, which is the necessity while travelling.


Mini Milan - Crossbody  Bag


Though Santorini is inspired by the Royal wedding and is portrayed as an elegant leather clutch bag, it is also one of the best crossbody bags for travel. It’s amazing features such as the sleek look, detachable strap, zipped inside pocket, and secure closure make it the preferred choice. If you have to attend the evening party at the destination, there can’t be a better option because it can also act as a beautiful clutch bag that will add glamour to your looks.

Santorini - Crossbody Bag / Clutch Bag

·       NICE

Nice is yet another crossbody bag considered best for travelling. It is not only stylish but also the most practical. If you are going to a place where you require only 1 pair of extra clothes i.e. a short journey, you don’t need to carry an extra bag to keep your clothes because it has sufficient space. Its primary compartment is quite big and when you open its folded part, you get extra space.

Nice - Crossbody Bag / Clutch Bag

So, these are the three best crossbody bags for travel. Note that they are made from 100% pure leather and belong to the renowned designer brand Esin Akan. What are you waiting for? Visit the online store and get a perfect leather crossbody bag today only for you!