How to Detect A Fake Designer Handbag?

Being trendy isn’t always the important thing to consider in this day and age. Having wanted to buy a designer bag for so long, you know that this one should be worth the wait. But there are retailers that sell fake handbags and fool plenty of consumers in the market. As they say, imitation is the best compliment. But as one of the many women who invest so much in designer handbags, it is best to know whether or not we actually get what we paid for. We have to know the basic guide in finding out if our handbag that we worked so hard for is original and not fake.


Look out for the material

It is basic common knowledge that designer handbags use fine and high-quality materials. This could mean that they don’t use rough leather. Some bags use leather trim and such should not be oily, slippery, or sticky. If you feel like the leather is too thin or too fragile, perhaps you should check if your bag is original. Always remember that a designer handbag is made with real caution and pure labor of love.


Observe Craftsmanship

As have been said earlier, designer handbags are made carefully and delicately. The details of the bag are meticulously crafted together so as to produce one of the finest bags in the world. This means that the stitching should be perfectly even and with no loose threads or any visual defects or imperfections. Handbags are handmade and there should be no manufacturing defects in the first place.


Check for the misspellings

It is common that if you find an imitation, you should easily point out the misspellings because of the letters that are intentionally omitted. But that’s okay since you bought it knowing that it is not of great quality. However, things get different if you thought you bought a designer handbag only to find out that what you got was a fake one. Never forget to focus on the details of the bag. Sometimes, imitation bags print the brand names in different fonts and smudgy letters. Don’t ignore the tags and labels as well.


Compare the inside of a bag

Counterfeiters often based their designs from the photographs and the result is likely now the same. The colors may vary and sometimes be distorted. Furthermore, if they base their styles of the bags from the pictures, then it is also common that they don’t know how to get the pockets and other nitty gritty details carefully. The zippers might look a bit different from the original ones and their paint usually sticks to our fingers if used regularly. Their quality should be perfect with a number or a name printed on them, which can be another sign of authenticity and originality.


Lastly, before visiting to your local store, it is best that you conducted a little bit of research to know the details of your chosen handbags. It is always best and important to know your source.


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