Your Summer Holiday Checklist

When on a summer trip, do you keep all your necessary items in the leather crossbody bag you are carrying? It happens with most people that they plan a trip, reach the destination and only then they remember they have left some of their essentials at home.

To avoid such an inconvenient situation in your life, always remember to prepare a list of all the things you want to carry and then before leaving for the holidays, check this list. This article will bring you a checklist of all the things necessary during summer holidays.

For the journey:

  1. The bag you will be travelling with.
  2. Passport
  3. Phone
  4. Credit card or Currency
  5. Travel insurance information
  6. Moisturiser (small pack)
  7. Lip Salve
  8. Extra pair of socks to wear on the plane.
  9. Kindle/Book
  10. Any travel game of your choice
  11. A pair of sunglasses

For the tech essentials:

  1. Phone charger
  2. Camera with a camera charger
  3. Headphones

For the pool/beach:

  1. A bikini for each day you will spend on a pool/beach.
  2. A cover up for each day you will be spending on a pool/beach.
  3. A pair of pool slides or flip-flops.
  4. A beach bag (which can also be converted as a travel bag).
  5. A pair of beach towels.
  6. A pair of extra sunglasses.

For the daytime:

  1. One leather crossbody bag.
  2. A pair of shorts (preferably denim).
  3. Few T-shirts.
  4. Underwear.

For the evening:

  1. A pair of wedges.
  2. A pair of flats.
  3. A leather clutch bag that compliments your outfit.
  4. An outfit for each evening (such as versatile skirts, maxi dresses, etc.)
  5. A pashmina/scarf if nights are cold.
  6. Jewellery – leaving expensive or sentimental at home will be a good idea.
  7. Nightwear – cool yet comfortable
  8. A smart jacket or cardigan which can be worn if it turns chilly.

Beauty and makeup essentials…

  1. Hair curlers/straighteners
  2. Comb and hairbrush
  3. Hairdryer
  4. Hairbands
  5. Your makeup
  6. Makeup remover
  7. Nail polish
  8. Nail polish remover – pads are convenient for travelling
  9. Perfume

For the bathroom…

  1. Moisturiser and cleanser.
  2. Shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner.
  3. After-sun or body lotion
  4. Diarrhoea tablets (for emergencies)
  5. Insect repellent/bite cream
  6. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  7. Deodorant
  8. Shaving gel and razor
  9. Painkillers – to overcome hangovers
  10. Sanitary products

If you go through this checklist before leaving for the summer holidays, you will surely be spending the best holidays of your life. The most important thing while travelling anywhere is the bags, whether it is the travel bag, crossbody bag or the clutch bag you flaunt in the evenings. Here are two of the most-loved practical and stylish day to evening bags:

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Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Mini Rome (Powder & Rose)

Mini Rome by Esin Akan is just the smaller version of its bigger counterpart but very essential. During your summer holiday evenings, you can carry this bag (convertible into an evening clutch) not only to enhance your looks but also to carry your essentials. For example, you can put your lip salve, keys or the credit cards in it and enjoy the beautiful evenings with your friends.

Mini Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Are you done with your checklist? Now is the time to find a bag that can carry all your stuff. Visit our online store at Esin Akan and get one today.