How Sustainable Bags Are Made

Purses, handbags, and leather bags for women are no doubt fashionable products, but fashion changes frequently, sometimes daily. Does it mean the fashionable products shouldn’t be sustainable?

There is no feasible reason not to make sustainable fashion products, especially bags. After investing your hard-earned money, would you want a handbag to expire after just one season? Nobody wants that and this is the reason many renowned brands are spending huge amounts of money and time to manufacture sustainable handbags.

Our brand is amongst those few sustainable fashion brands that have succeeded in creating sustainable bags for women, which not only enhance their looks but also serve them for a long time. In this article, we will reveal some important information about how we make sustainable handbags and tell you about a few of the many sustainable bags under our brand, Esin Akan.  

We prefer leather to produce sustainable handbags not only because of its grain, smell, touch, richness, and versatility but also because leather is the most environment-friendly material. With the advancement in technology, environmental footprints during the processing of leather have decreased significantly and it is now amongst the most sustainable materials. The world is attracted towards PU, PVC, and Plastic but all these do not degrade in nature the way leather does.

We, a big admirer of positive fashion, work in collaboration with factories established in Turkey. These factories hire experienced craftsmen who are paid fair wages and they always maintain a distance from any kind of child labour.

All the leather used in producing handbags under the brand Esin Akan is a by-product of the meat industry. No animal is especially killed for their leather. The animals processed for their meat or who die naturally leave different parts of their body to be used. If the leather, bones, and meat of such animals are thrown away without using, it would be a waste and quite disrespectful towards those animals.

Some brands that are just into making money are promoting disposable fashion excessively but Esin Akan is always against such practices. We believe in slow fashion and make our handbags to last longer; thus, all our products can be used consistently for many seasons. We prepare each piece carefully so that our styles can be regenerated with minor tweaks.

The fashion industry has realized that the negative impacts of this industry will severely increase by 2050, that’s why all the eminent brands of this industry are making efforts to change the way the industry works and we are proud to be one amongst those brands. Our whole focus is on developing handbags which can be utilized season after season and recycled easily. Moreover, by using leather from certified tanneries in Turkey, we are making effective use of resources. After all, profit is not the only thing in business.

Following are some of our sustainable handbags making headlines all over:

Mini Notting Hill (Navy & Poppy)

Mini Notting Hill is one of the most sustainable bags of present time. This is a mini leather bucket bag which can be transformed into a leather backpack. This Esin Akan creation is made from 100% calf leather and similar to its bigger version, this bag also has two inside slip pockets in which you can put your make-up essentials and mobile phone. This is an ideal bag for creative, outgoing, and active individuals.

Mini Notting Hill – Backpack/Crossbody Bag

Mini Stockholm (Starfish)

Mini Stockholm, a mini leather tote bag from Esin Akan, is one of the best sustainable handbags. You can easily expand its size to put an umbrella, a tablet, or a cardigan. Made up of first quality bespoke leather, this perfect workday and weekend bag is inspired by the Stockholm’s minimalistic culture.

Mini Stockholm – Tote/Crossbody Bag

Nice (Black)

Nice is “The Bestseller!” These words are enough to describe the popularity, quality and sustainability of this famous leather crossbody bag which can be converted into a stylish handheld clutch. Again, this bag is the creation of designer Esin Akan and a must-have for every modern woman.

Nice – Clutch Bag/Crossbody Bag

Are you also interested in making our sustainable bags a part of your life? Visit our online store at Esin Akan and pick your favourites!