What To Pack When You're Going From Desk To Dinner

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Are you the one who carries womens work tote and races against the clock? Whether you reach the office from a gym or from the office to after-work cocktails, do you feel that time is not on your side? This is the life of today’s working women, or better say wonder women. Various festive activities such as Christmas parties or any other events promote the desk to dinner approach. Since there is always a shortage of time, you can succeed with minimal packing. Whether you carry shoulder bags for work or designer bucket bags, here are some things you should carry in your bag when going from desk to dinner.

1. The Clutch Wallet

The embellished clutches or the clutch wallet are always on trend. So, you can save that leather crossbody bag for work and make a statement in the party with the clutch. Just remember to avoid the colors and go for the black or neutral colors. Esin Akan is there for you to help you find the right wallet.

2. Sequin Blazer

Your workable outfits can be best at your office but to make the coolest statement at night, wear the sequin blazer. It will better combine with a white shirt, plain black trousers and heels.

3. Cocktail Ring

A universally recognized glamour symbol, whether you purchase an exclusive piece or a fashionable cocktail ring with an embedded jewel. They give you the perfect look for parties.

4. Silk Scarf

Swiftly enhance your looks by wearing a silk scarf; a perfect thing to keep in your leather clutch bag for that after work dinner party. Go for fun colors or the subtle shades having a red lippy pop for a quick glamorous fix.

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5. The Hair Clip

Though a hair clip might not be a part of your everyday accessories collection, a bejeweled barrette or gold slide will immediately upgrade your office outfit. Add an embellished piece or the one designed in the shape of a star and it will instantly enhance your looks.

6. The Heels

The quickest and easiest way to transform the desk look to dinner look is by putting your pumps into the womens bucket bag and adding statement heels to that classic office look. Your work outfit will be easily transformed into an outfit appropriate for evening.

7. Skinny Scarf

You can add a skinny scarf to your bag and wear it while going from desk to dinner. This style hack is favorite of celebs like Lucy Williams and Kate Moss. When a black colored skinny scarf is added to a simple outfit, it transforms the look to fab from drab.

8. The Earrings

Avoid wearing those conventional chandelier earrings and go for some modern jewels. They make you ready for night-time very quickly. To get a vampy style, choose black and for looking glamorous, choose bold colors and some contemporary, cool designs.

Call to action: These nine things in your leather crossbody bag are more than enough when going from desk to dinner. Moreover, preparations can be done from home e.g. you can wear layers. For the latest and trendy handbags, you can visit the online store of world-famous designer Esin Akan.

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