There are very few days left for the arrival of the festive season and everyone has already started working on bringing their plans to reality. Some people are searching for new Christmas party outfits, some are looking to buy new accessories, and some are looking for newer items to decorate their home.

If you are looking to buy Christmas outfits for women, the common phenomenon is to buy accessories also; the ones which match or complement those outfits. Whether you are going to your company’s Christmas party or the one organised by any of your near and dear ones, an outfit with a suitable accessory completes your party look.

Amongst various accessories, the one which completely enhances your look is a designer handbag. This article contains some great combinations that every woman should carry during this party season.

What bags for which occasion during this party season?

During this festive season, getting ready and going to the party is not the only thing. You have to do other things also, such as go to the marketplace to make the purchases for the party, visit the office, and go to the boutiques for your designer dresses. Moreover, the shape of your body also matters when you have to select bags to wear during the parties.

The suggestions here are divided into two parts. Firstly, according to your attire and secondly, according to your body type during this festive season.

According to your attire

  • T-Shirts, shorts, and sneakers: These clothes are usually worn when you go shopping, so you can carry a large sized shoulder bag at that time. For example, Notting Hill- you can easily carry all the items you have bought for this festive season.

Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag

  • Long Gown/Cocktail Dress: These are formal dresses and the preferred choice for any event or party. You can carry miniature bags or clutches with them. Suppose that you are wearing a sheath attire, then a Santorini Sparkly Black (the Black Clutch Bag) or a Mini Santorini Light Gold is the perfect clutch bag to complement this dress.

Santorini - Clutch / Crossbody Bag

Mini Santorini - Clutch / Crossbody Bag

According to the shape of your body

While going to the events, don’t go for a handbag that complements only your dress, instead go for a bag that suits the shape of your body as well. Here are some feasible ideas:

  • For Pear-Shaped Bodies: A pear-shaped body is wider towards hips so any bag with hip-length will make hips look bigger. So, carry a bag with length up to the waist. For example, Mini Paris available in different shades such as Rose, Powder, and Alloy.

Mini Paris - Bucket / Crossbody Bag

  • For Big Bust: Here also the game is about body’s shape. All the busty ladies should remember to avoid any bag that draws attention towards their cleavage. One such type of bag is a saddle bag.
  • For Curvaceous Physique: Women with this kind of body should carry slim, long bags with them. If you are short, these bags will help you look slim and tall. And if you are tall as well as curvaceous, go for low-hanging bags. But one bag for which you don’t have to consider height is Santorini (Poppy), this is the best bag to carry this party season.

SantoriniClutch / Crossbody Bag

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