Bags to Wear with Animal Print

Whenever someone wants to make their appearance wild and chic, the animal print comes first to the mind. This print is more effective when accessorized properly. In order to help you look best in an animal print, this article will tell you which bags to combine with it.

The secret to excelling in animal print depends upon the colour you are carrying it with. Yes, it’s the colour of your remaining dress or accessories that help you appear wild and chic in an animal print. Here are the colours and bags which will always work for you to maximize the aura of this print.

Bright Colours

The common prints in trend are zebra, leopard, and snakeskin. But the whole dress with these prints is a big NO. You can wear the top or bottom in leopard print and combine it with a bright coloured (coral, mint, red or pink) top or bottom. Another way is to wear the leopard print top or bottom, combine it with a denim top or bottom, and accessorize the whole outfit with a bright coloured handbag, such as a red clutch bag, Santorini or a bright coloured Nice, the best-selling crossbody bag.

Santorini | Poppy

Santorini – Clutch Bag/Crossbody Bag

Black Leather Pieces

Leather always goes well when you want to get a tougher look in leopard print. The combination of leather, especially black, and the animal print always give you elegant look without many efforts. When you combine this print with black leather pieces such as leather jacket, pencil skirt, skinnies or a black shoulder bag in leather, the whole combination looks very attractive. The best bag that will enhance this look is Rome.

 Rome | Black & Poppy

Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

White or Black

You can complement an animal print with white or black pieces. This combination will break the busy effect emerged with leopard print. You can wear one piece of your dress in animal print and the rest in white or black. Also, carry the black or neutral toned handbag with this print. For example, when you carry a black clutch bag with the combination of white and leopard print dress, you get an unbeatable look. The best bags to carry with this combination are Mini Notting Hill and Mini Rome.

Mini Notting Hill – Bucket Bag/Backpack

Accessories in Animal Print

It’s not just the dress that enhances your looks, accessories in animal print also help you get the desired look. The common accessories (with animal prints) you can use are shoes, scarf, or bag. Combine any of these accessories with a simple blouse or a sweet cardigan or a pair of comfortable skinnies. Do not forget to pair it with a black crossbody bag or a black clutch bag.

The motive behind the combination of animal print and the different coloured dresses and designer handbags is to give you a look suitable for any occasion. This combination will give you an eye-catching look and help you outshine in the midst of the crowd.

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