What is a reasonable number of handbags for a classy woman?

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According to surveys, a reasonable number of handbags a classy woman must have is six or seven. There is a handbag particularly curated for every occasion: a handy clutch for formal evenings, a tote bag for errands, and a satchel for work are just some of the possibilities.


For those who want to save some money while remaining fashionable can, however, take advantage of our convertible handbags.


Our convertible handbags can provide the modern woman elegance without sacrificing comfort. The bags can be party-ready, as well. On the other hand, they can also carry substantial weight, such as your 15” laptop. They have been especially designed to provide needed space.


Their capacity to take more than the average weight also does not detract from their intrinsic class. Some transform from a handy formal clutch to a go-getting crossbody for your daily jaunts in town.


Even our leather tote bag can give you the choice of more or less the space. The side tie knot can adjust it with just one pull.



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For some modern women, convertible handbags are heaven-sent. They can save you from having to cram your bag storage at home. Cramming, after all, is always a no-no.


You have to give your bags space so that they can retain their original shapes. Six or seven is reasonable. Convertible handbags simply give you more chances to go out with more than seven looks in total.


Do you think you have fewer bags than the average woman? Then, perhaps, your next bag purchase should be a convertible. Such a handbag can provide you with two looks in one.


There is no need to go home, for example, when you have to go from work to a formal event. You don’t even have to bring two bags. Of course, you still have to amp up the class by wearing the correct looks.


With a little confidence and attitude, even the unconverted bag can transform its use. Many of our handbags can reflect your personality and attitude. We are pretty sure that each unique individual can stamp their own marks on our bags.


With the convertible option, even the dependable tote bag can transform itself into something stylish and chic. Of course, we provide you with the freedom to pick from an array of fashionable handbags.


Each design has been carefully selected to suit the needs of the modern woman. We know what the expectations that you are facing and we know what you want for yourself.


Yes, it is still true that the average woman is expected to have six or seven handbags. To have fewer, for some, means being unable to keep up with the fast pace of fashion. To have more seems overly indulgent. To have six or seven is just right. Moreover, if you have six or seven, plus your possible transformations, then you have reached the ideal.


So, do you have a convertible design a mind? Would a leather tote bag that displays both chic personality and a sense of utility be an attractive option? 


If so, visit us at our official website. If you are still at a loss at what style should be included in your collection, then you can browse. We have quite a number of offerings for you at Esin Akan.


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