Top 10 Handbag Trends for Summer 2022

Bags have become a must-have clothing piece for both men and women. If you’re keen on fashion, then you must be eagerly awaiting the bag trends for summer 2022. Winter has been long and fashionistas are getting ready to slay with some stylish bags.

  1. Say it with a name

Bags with words are definitely a trend that will pop out in this year’s summer. Whether it’s a designer name like Chanel or Gucci or simpler customized name like “Future” on a Aspinal of London Slouchy Saddle Bag, this bag style is something that can’t pass you by.

  1. Bags with Tassels and Fringe

Bags with Tassel attachments hanging on to them are already being seen on runways and are definitely something to look out for in summer 2022. The tassels can be put to perfectly blend with the suede material or even studded with some metal giving it a more “girl-in-the-hood” look. Handbags with fringe are already being spotted on Giorgio Armani brands and are sleek as they come.

  1. Animal Prints and Fur Bags

There are many designers for summer handbags that are going for either the animal print look or for animal furs. Some of the fur bags that may interest you are for example the rectangular shaped Celine’s solid leopard print leather bag with a wild fur contrasted to give it hype.

Midi Marylebone, White Beige Clutch Bag
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  1. Bags with Drawstring Tops

If you want a summer 2022 bag that is more casual then the bucket-bag style design is something that will interest you. Drawstring designs have some not-too expensive and not-too-formal look and will serve the purpose of carrying your casual summer must-haves. The bag can be made of either delicate fabric or a drapery leather and can either have prints or be plain.

  1. Accessorize the attachments

A trend that you don’t want to miss is that of little adornments or attachments on purses. It could either be differently shaped balls of fuzz or big balls of fur attached to the leather bags. A sleek example already spotted is the fruit themed Altuzarra bags.
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  1. Shiny and Metallic bags

The metallic finish is an 80’s style that has been very iconic over the years. A metallic bag blended with unique shapes and other fabrics has a unique, modern look that is difficult to ignore.

  1. Large travel and duffel bags

Summer is a vacation bad and nothing comes in handier than huge but classy duffel or travel bag. Gucci has already released hug duffel and travel bags with striking symmetrical prints and exotic flowers that set the right mood for a summer vacation. Besides, Esin Akan’s exquisite travel bags could also be an option for your summer handbag choice.

  1. Wee Teeny Tiny purses

If you love it small then nothing is trendier than the tiny summer 2022 handbags. You can use these bags as a separate coin purse or for your phone or other on-the-go accessories like lipstick. It could be a miniature leather purse with chain strap or a Valentino tiny bad made of delicate material. 

  1. Fancy Clutches

Fancy clutch bag for your fancy summer dress is something that you don’t want to miss out on. Louis Vuitton classy black clutches with intricate details, square pouch clutches and clutches with large flowers or visible zippers are a must have in summer 2022.

  1. Back packs and Fanny Packs

Believe it or not, the summer 2022 bag collection cannot miss without designer backpacks and fanny packs. 2022 designs for these bags feature plush material in trendy colors like orange with a variety of straps and attachments just perfect for the season. Double backpacks with extra-long straps and wallet size funny packs can complement all types of dressing for a summer occasion.

There are definitely more bag trends that will be coming up in the summer 2022. But these are just some our favorite ones that we think you should look out for.

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