Best Wedding Guest Bags

With some royal weddings this season, the craze to search for the best wedding guest bags is at an all-time high. Are you also searching for some elegant evening clutch? Let’s make your search easier by informing you about the most loved and recently launched handbags guests prefer carrying with them to a wedding.

Santorini and Mini Santorini

This tops the list because it is the newest entrant in the market. Inspired by the royal wedding of Meghan Morkel and Prince Harry, the renowned designer Esin Akan has created this beautiful clutch wallet in two models – Santorini and Mini Santorini. Besides being a perfect bag to carry to a wedding, it can also be used as an evening clutch or an everyday wallet. It comes with a detachable strap and with a very efficient smartphone pocket. A large zipped pocket, multi cardholder, and two separate cash pockets are some other features of this bag. If you are in search of the leather clutch bag, end your search here because this is the best.

Mini Santorini – Clutch Bag/Wallet

An Evening Clutch

Every fashionista in her collection has an evening clutch. Whether a leather clutch bag or a simple clutch wallet, the thing that matters is its presence. Though evening clutches are available in varied designs and rich detailing, it is always better to choose an evening clutch that doesn’t overdo your outfit. Go for a simple yet elegant evening clutches from Esin Akan and make your presence felt in the wedding party.

Mini Tote

It seems a bit out of the league but some designer mini tote like Mini Stockholm enhances your looks during a wedding party. Smaller in size and with an attractive and functional side knot, this bag compliments your designer dress. The best thing with a mini tote bag is that you can not only carry it to weddings but also to the workplace every day. Tote bags get that elegant look because they are made up of leather and if you buy one from the online store of Esin Akan, you will get handbags made from 100 percent original leather – remain stylish for a very long time.

Mini Stockholm | Starfish

Mini Stockholm – Tote/Crossbody Bag

Convertible Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag gives a sense of workbag but here, talk is about convertible crossbody bag like Nice.  When you have such a bag, you can look stylish during the day or in the evening party. In the daytime, it will act as a compact handbag and in the evening, use it as an elegant clutch bag. The zip closure, detachable strap, and a large zipped pocket are some of the many features of this convertible crossbody bag.

Being a guest at the wedding means presenting yourself in the best possible way. No matter how expensive the outfit you wear, your looks will be incomplete without a handbag. That’s why experts suggest carrying a handbag, especially an evening clutch to a wedding party.

Nice | Coffee Bean

Nice – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Do not waste time searching the evening clutches because the best ones are available at the online store of Esin Akan.