AW18 Bag Trends

Summer is gone and it’s time to revamp your wardrobe for the next season. Whether you carry a mini bucket bag or any other bag, it will play an important part in describing your sense of style. This article contains the names of the trendiest Autumn-Winter 2018 bags. Whatever you wear this season, just enhance your looks with these stylish bags.

Convertible Handbags

Convertible handbags are the hot products of the coming season. As the role of women is not limited to a single place, the demand for convertible handbags is the highest. AW 18 will be known for representing the versatility of handbags. You will come across women who won’t hang tote bags on their shoulder. Instead, they will fold them half and carry close to their body.

Rome in Plum & Rose describes this best. This bag comes with a unique roll down feature, you can use it as a shoulder bag in the daytime and convert it into an elegant clutch bag in the evening or when you are travelling and have limited space in your luggage.

Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Bucket Bags

Another hot category in AW 18 bag trends is the Bucket bag. Some of the bucket bags rocked the previous season and will be a hit in this season as well. Bucket bags are quite spacious and can easily carry all of your necessary belongings. This season, you will see the bucket bags flaunted in a completely new way.

For example, you can use the drawstring pouch, Mini Paris, as a handheld bucket bag or a stylish crossbody bag and this is possible only because it comes with a versatile strap which can easily transform it from the bucket to a crossbody bag.

Another bucket bag which will rule AW 18 is the Mini Notting Hill. Because of the detachable strap, this mini bucket bag in leather can be swiftly converted into a leather backpack. After Meghan Markle’s love for bucket bags, these are highly in demand. This bag comes with a slip as well as zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe and organized.

Mini Paris – Bucket Bag/Crossbody Bag

Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are another favourite accessory of AW 18. Although clutch wallets are the favourites in every season, this time they will be a bit different. This season, clutch wallets will be influenced by the convertible handbags and will come with a detachable crossbody strap. When you wear them with the strap, they will be your crossbody bag and when you wear them without the strap, they will be your elegant clutch wallet.

Amongst various leather clutch bags, the clutch bag that best describes this is the Santorini. The mini version of this clutch bag serves many purposes. For instance, you can use it as an evening clutch or an everyday wallet. As mentioned above, it is one clutch bag which comes with a detachable strap. So you can use it either way; as a crossbody bag or as an evening clutch.

After seeing the current AW 18 bag trends, one thing is clear that this will be the season of multipurpose and convertible bags. If you also want to invest in some of the hottest bags of 2018, visit Esin Akan.

Mini Santorini – Bucket Bag/Crossbody Bag