What is a Clutch Bag and When Is The Correct Time to Use?

There is no need to discuss the place of accessories in women's clothing. An accessory is one of the most important parts of the woman's elegance. Among these, bags are the biggest and most effective factor. You can recreate your style with a bag. Your choice of colour and model is a direct indicator of your approach to fashion.

Bags that can meet the different needs of women at the same time are important in this respect. You can find bags in hundreds of different colours and models. Among these, you should choose the one that suits you best. You're lucky because we don't even know the number of bag models!

Every year the fashion world meets new bag models. Some of them disappear in time and some of them become more and more popular. Here is one of the popular bags that attract attention.

Advantages of Clutch Bags

Those who follow fashion closely may have an idea of how popular the clutch bag is in recent times. These bags have both useful and stylish structure. That’s why more and more women prefer the clutch bags.

You can use a stylish clutch bag at a wedding, an invitation, a party, a rooftop terrace party, weekend nights and more. With its wide range of alternatives, useful clutch bags help you to complete your elegance.

Esin Akan’s Signature in Clutch Bags

Accessories can help re-create your look. Clutch bags are ambitious in this respect. You can use clutch bags in many different areas.

Esin Akan, who develops different bag models with stylish designs, offers many alternatives in clutch bags. With the models such as Santorini Sand and Mini Paris Light Gold, you step forward in your environment.

Esin Akan offers hundreds of bags models for stylish urban women in various designs and colours. At different times of the day, clutch bags are designed to accompany your elegance in every hour of the day. For stylish urban women, elegance comes to life with the unique designs by Esin Akan.

Clutch Bags with Unique Designs

Most of the Esin Akan designs are named with European cities. The bags, with its unique and stylish designs, show the spirit of those cities.


The main point of this amazing clutch bag is its chic adjustable handle knot and the roll down feature that turns this shoulder bag into an elegant clutch bag. This convertible clutch bag is getting more and more popularity nowadays.    


A stylish cross body women bag would be used as a clutch bag in the evening. Like Rome, you can convert it easily.

Mini Santorini

The clutch bag Mini Santorini with red and nude details would be used for different purposes: just as a casual wallet, evening clutch or a cross body wallet with its detachable strap.

You can visit Esin Akan’s website for the other unique designs. 

mini santorini yellow

Mini Santorini Yellow