Spring 2019 Handbag Trends

All recent fashion events provide a direction to go for the trendiest handbags ready to rule the Spring of 2019. The objective of this article is to enlighten you with the handbag trends of Spring 2019. Want to know more? Continue reading the following:

1.     Top Handle Bags

Make spring 2019 a season to refresh your closet. Bright coloured dresses look good, go for them. Compliment your outfits with either a crossbody purse or top handle bag. Yes, top handle bags are going to be the favourite handbags because they, especially the two-toned ones, will look good with any springtime dress. Anna Murphy, the editor of The Times, also believes that top handle bags are for this new year. You too can gift yourself a top handle handbag this year.  

Yes, you can include Mini Milan to your closet because it is one of the best top handle handbags that can be used as a crossbody purse as well. You can use it while going to work or when you are out for shopping. It is spacious enough to easily carry a small laptop, iPad, phone, book, makeup, keys, wallet, and others.

Mini Milan | Crossbody Bag

2.     Looped Handles

Another Spring 2019 handbag trend includes bags with looped handles. Such bags are not only one step ahead in terms of looks but also serve multiple purposes. Spring is the season to flaunt the dress you are wearing and the accessories you are carrying. So, when you carry handbags with looped handles, they don’t overpower your dress but highlight your overall looks.

In the Spring of 2019, why not go for Mini Paris? When you carry this bag, you automatically become the centre of attention, irrespective of the place. This is a bucket bag but because of the convertible strap can be easily transformed into a useful leather crossbody bag. This feature makes it a perfect day as well as an evening bag. Some other beneficial and attractive qualities of this bag are the zipped pocket, magnetic closure, and perfect depth.


Mini Paris | Bucket Bag

3.     Neutral Crossbody Bags

If you are ready with bright coloured dresses for Spring 2019, then a neutral crossbody purse will compliment your looks the best way. Neutral coloured bags go well with colourful outfits and if they are designer pieces, high-quality is guaranteed. They perfectly highlight your vibrant personality and of course, your vivid wardrobe. Whatever style you choose this spring 2019, they will perfectly compliment you.

In a neutral crossbody purse, you can go for Santorini in nude shade. Santorini is the leather clutch bag inspired by the Royal Wedding (as the vibes of this wedding are still alive and expected to continue for a long time). It comes with divided pockets for peak organization and with its detachable strap, you can transform this elegant evening clutch into a stylish crossbody bag. Magnetic closure, zipped inside pocket, standard size, and glamorous looks are some of the many features of this beautiful piece.

Santorini | Crossbody Bag / Clutch Bag

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