Should I wear a canvas leather backpack in business and casual setting?

Traditionalists would disagree with bringing a canvas leather backpack in a business setting. However, modernists have accepted the trend of backpacks in both the business and casual setting because they are convenient and functional. Leather bucket bags have also been accepted by most.

Canvas leather is a perfect material for a backpack because it is lightweight, durable, and fashionable than other materials. However, some still don’t think it’s ideal for the business setting. Here are some misconceptions when it comes to wearing canvas leather backpacks.

1. Wearing a backpack in the business setting would make you look like a high-schooler.

A lot of people are hesitant to bring a canvas leather backpack to work for the fear of looking unprofessional or worse, like a student. This may be true for sports backpacks and other backpacks made of fabric or polyester material. However, with the right canvas leather, a backpack may look elegant and formal.

2. Backpacks look informal and tacky.

Backpacks have become synonymous to casual and laid back. However, nowadays, for practical and functional reasons, more brands are coming up with more elegant-looking and formal backpack designs.

With the right style and size, one should be able to get away with wearing a canvas leather backpack both in the business and casual settings.

Despite these reasons, nowadays, wearing a canvas leather backpack to business settings is  already a norm. Here are some reasons why you can wear canvas leather backpack in the business setting.

1. They are functional, practical, and stylish.

Backpacks are indeed the most functional and practical choice when it comes to bags, most especially canvas leather backpacks because they are durable. Moreover, they are also practical as they are able to fit plenty of things inside them.

Laptops, files, and other gadgets are also easily carried with backpacks. They’re comfortable on the back and are very convenient to carry around especially if you’re a commuter. 

Moreover, canvas leather backpacks are also easily maintained. No need to make a fuss over cleaning them. They are also less maintenance and can be worn anywhere without taking too much precaution as opposed to other bags.

2. Backpacks are sturdy and durable.

Compared to other types of bags such as messenger bags, backpacks are more durable. Hence, they are ideal for carrying heavier stuff.

Although canvas backpacks are versatile, there are some instances when you shouldn’t go for a canvas leather backpack.

1. A formal business meeting

If you’re often in formal business meetings all the time where everyone else is in their business suits and carrying leather messenger bags and suitcases, it might not be appropriate to push wearing a canvas leather backpack. Although there are canvas leather backpacks that are specifically made to look elegant, it still might not be acceptable to wear them during formal business meetings and other related events.

2. You are always in formal wear.

It’s smart to always match your outfit with your bag, most especially if you’re in formal wear. Firstly, a backpack may wrinkle, or worse, damage your well-tailored clothes so you should stay away from them.

If you’re deciding whether a canvas leather backpack is a good choice in the business setting, don’t bother anymore. Check out Esin Akan’s new line of canvas leather backpacks to get you to desire one.

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