How Luxury Handbags are Designed?

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Ever wondered how Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Esin Akan and the likes are designed? How do they keep up with the growing fashion industry? It is amazing how they manage to rise at the top and still be one of the most iconic handbags in the industry despite the increasing number of competitors. With all the many designer handbags booming in the market, it is not surprising that people get more and more curious as to how handbags are designed. Below is a glimpse on how handbags are designed just to cater to loyal and supportive consumers like you.

It’s always about the trend

Yes, you got that right. Designers often have this fear of missing out. They need to always be on the lookout on what’s hot and what’s not. They spend their time conducting research, monitoring trend reports, and subscribe to many different trend shows. They know their client so well to the point that once they have finally designed a new handbag, their consumers would not have to think twice about purchasing it. Knowing the trend is probably the only way to keep up with the competitive industry.

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Function, beauty, and quality

When designing a bag, designers do not only confide themselves in decorating that bag. If there is something that needs to be added in a bag and it can also be functional, then this is where innovation kicks in. Designers try to be minimalist and efficient as much as possible. Everything placed in a bag should be functional and can serve its purpose. If the consumers know that everything in the bag can be put in to good use, chances are many women will buy that handbag. This is due to their assumption that such bag is going to last for a long time. Know that even though decorations have a huge impact in consumer’s behavior, it is not the only factor that they consider.

Selection of materials

Designers look into exotic and thrilling materials to make their product stand out from the rest. After coming up with designs that is functional and long lasting, they source out different materials for their product to be more astounding. Many luxury handbags are often made with alligator and crocodile skin. This doesn’t only set off a wildlife vibes but also provide unbelievably lithe material. This means that when you bend the bag, the silky softness of it moves and reveals its shiny texture. This makes the bag delicate and sturdy at the same time.

There are many things to consider in designing a luxury handbag. It takes imagination, experience, and determination to come up with designs that will be favorable to women, something that they can relate to and definitely something that can touch their souls. It has and always been about quality. Designers don’t just make the bags to earn a profit. They design it in a way that can make women feel proud and confident. More importantly, designing is not just about designs.

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