Are Backpacks Better Than Shoulder Bags for Comfort?

Whether you are a working woman or a college-going student, carrying a handbag with you is a very common practice. A common concern of smart women from all over the world is to find out if backpacks are better than shoulder bags for comfort.

Most women are fond of having multiple designer handbags in their closet. Not to mention different types. The decision to purchase them is often driven by the style, looks, price, brand, and material; but very few women actually focus on the comfort factor.

Today, this article is going to help you find out whether or not backpacks are more comfortable than shoulder bags. Let’s find out:


A backpack as the name suggests is worn over the back and is considered a usual companion for leisure and camping. Most women also use backpacks to carry their work stuff from one place to another. Because of the shape of designer backpacks, they are the preferred choice for transporting the medium-to-heavy things. For example, a laptop, books, some files, an extra pair of clothes, and others.

Generally, it is seen that a backpack evenly distributes the load across the wearer’s back. Backpacks are more versatile and can be used to easily carry a heavy load. They have multiple compartments which helps in organizing your stuff and this is one of the reasons backpacks are considered perfect for hiking or travelling.

Shoulder Bag

Again, it is clear from the name - you hang shoulder bag on your shoulder. A major disadvantage of a shoulder bag is that it puts the load on your one shoulder. So, whether you wear it on your left or right shoulder, the weight remains on one side. Some solutions like changing the shoulder consistently, increasing or decreasing the length of the strap, and carrying light-weight designer shoulder bags provide temporary benefits.

Such tweaks might initially make shoulder bags comfortable but if you regularly carry lots of stuff in your shoulder bag, chances are that this load can cause permanent postural damage or give rise to back problems directly related to your spine.

Which is more comfortable - Shoulder bag or Backpack?

It is true that shoulder bags are more stylish, easy to access, perfect for devices such as laptops, and easy to carry; but when it comes to the comfort level, they are far behind from backpacks. You can carry a considerable amount of weight in backpacks but you won’t feel much because it is evenly divided whereas this is not the case with shoulder bags.

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Notting Hill - Backpack / Crossbody Bag

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