7 Reasons Why Esin Akan Recommends Convertible Bags

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We know that bags are one of the most essential commodities for women. Women need bags not only for fashion but also for necessity. A woman carries more things than a man does. Also because of her dresses, she needs to carry a bag for her belongings. Therefore we recommend a leather crossbody bag. Also, a proper bag can provide a woman with more confidence. So we, at Esin Akan, came up with a variety of bags that can be useful for daily use to party, from using in a tough business meet to a relaxed late-night party. 

Women never get happy with a single bag. Generally, they need more than one. Though they have a convertible backpack, they surely need more bags for different purposes Here we will discuss over 7 reasons why women will choose convertible bags.

Easy to Carry

The most important benefit of using a convertible bag is its portability. You can carry it to the office as well as a party after the office. It will boost your personality in a board meet and also it can give you an impressive look at a party. You don’t have to bother about the after office party wear.

Multi-purpose use

The uniqueness of a convertible bag is that it can be used in various ways. You can attend an important conference with it as well as you can take it in an outing. No need to carry an extra bag if you have to go for an outing after office hours. And we bet everyone will stare your bag there. 

Hand-free movement

While using convertible bags you are in other words capable of handsfree movement which is a need for today’s traffic. While driving or in a cab, you don’t have to bother to give your bag any extra space. Also while you are with your friends you don’t have any trouble because of your pieces of stuff.

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Using convertible bags will give you security as you don’t have to bother about the purse, keys, and many other small belongings. Therefore you can concentrate on your job more. There will be no fear of losing anything.

Easy access

As women carry more things in their bags it is a common problem that things will be at sixes and sevens. For convertible bags, we make many compartments so that they could found things easily.

Adequate storage

The convertible bags have maximum storage. You can carry every important thing of yours. No need to lug extra baggage for extra things. We know you have to carry many things whether in the office or outing.

Attractive looks

Ladies prefer to use convertible bags because of their attractive and unique looks. We offer a range of bags to choose from. And we bet no one at the party will give you any competition in bags.

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