7 Clever Handbag Storage Ideas and Solutions

Handbags for women  are of unimaginably high importance. Many women have dozens of stylish  handbags. These bags with different colours and designs occupy an important place in women's clothing combinations and complement their style.

However, keeping such handbags at home is a problem! Imagine you have a hundred handbags. Storage would be a serious problem! This article contains smart storage ideas for women with a large number of handbags.

1) Using Hooks

Placing your handbags in the wardrobe can be difficult. The standard coat hanger may not be functional for this purpose. To do this, you can use hooks in your wardrobe. By attaching your handbags to these hooks, you save space and provide a stylish look in your wardrobe.

2) Attaching a door hanger

If you can't fit your handbags in the wardrobe, there are other alternatives. A door hanger can do the job! You can carry around twenty handbags on these hangers. However, you may have trouble while opening and closing your door! If possible, use the door of a room you do not use much.

3) Keeping in Storage Boxes

Keeping your stylish handbags in an open place can be risky. You can pour coffee on it; children may tear off a piece while playing, or something worse. For this, it is better to keep your best handbags in a confined space.

You can store your handbags in storage boxes produced in different sizes. You can put these boxes under your bed, on your wardrobe or in the cellar.

4) Putting on a Hook Rack

There is a similar solution in addition to the wardrobe, door hanger and storage boxes. You can place a hook rack in a room of your choice, and put about ten handbags on each part.

5) Classifying by Colour

The sole purpose should not be saving space for handbags. Would it be useful to save space after not finding the desired bag in a short time? You must have some rules to place them regularly. You should keep handbags of the same colour on the same shelves. This way, you can easily find the best handbag that suits the clothes combination you prefer that day.

6) Using Shelf Dividers

Another alternative that is effective for both saving space sorting is the use of shelves. You can keep your handbags in these structures that you will design like a book shelf.

7) Using a Coat Rack

You can use a coat rack to hold a large number of handbags together. Normally, this is used for dresses. However, you can also place your elegant handbags in this way. It may give a messy look for some, but it is actually very useful.

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