3 Right Ways to Wear A Backpack to Prevent Pain

Do you suffer from back pain every now and then?  If yes, then answer this one also. Do you usually wear a backpack? If your answer is also yes now, this article is especially for you. Read it and learn the 3 right ways to wear a backpack to prevent pain. It doesn’t matter if you purchase designer backpacks or some specific materials such as a leather backpack, you get pain in your back if you don’t wear them correctly.

So, what are the right ways?

Before exploring the right ways, it is important to know what are the wrong ways which cause back pain. Here are the major ones:

1.    Using only one strap

It is stylish and easy to put the backpack strap on one shoulder but this puts all the pressure on your one shoulder. While walking, your posture changes (negatively) and eventually cause pain in your shoulder(s), back, and neck. Even switching the shoulders don’t help because you still walk off-balance. An unnecessary and risky pressure is created on all the muscles and bones of the upper body when the backpack is worn using a single strap.

2.    Positioned lower on the back

When you wear a backpack lower on the back, an unwanted pressure is created on your shoulders. This further strain your lower back and shoulders. People often loosen the straps so that it becomes easier to wear and remove from the shoulders but they don’t know that it requires leaning forward which puts pressure on their lower back. Moreover, loose straps cause to-and-fro motion which makes walking quite uncomfortable and rubs the straps against the shoulders.

3.    Avoiding the waist strap

Some backpacks come with a waist strap but people usually avoid using it. The waist strap is present in backpacks intended to carry heavy loads. So, using it will remove a part of the weight from your shoulders. If you don’t use a waist strap, you won’t get the mechanical benefit and suffer from neck and lower back pain.

The 3 right ways to wear a backpack to prevent pain

Since you know the three wrong ways of wearing a backpack, understanding the 3 right ways to wear a backpack to prevent pain is quite easy. They are:

  1. While wearing a backpack, always use both the straps on both your shoulders. Never sling the backpack with a single strap on one of your shoulder. It takes a little bit of time but overcoming this bad habit will be really fruitful.
  2. Adjust the straps so that they are comfortable on the shoulders and your backpack remains high on the back. Note that your backpack does not extend below your waist, it should be an inch or two above the hips.
  3. Always use the waist strap of your backpack (if available). It evenly distributes the weight over the hips and takes away extra pressure from the shoulders.

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