Esin Akan is a London based brand founded in 2012. The brand specialises in convertible luxury leather handbags for urban women. The bags are designed to adapt to multiple scenarios, from work to evening, weekdays to weekend and help women look elegant and stylish at all times. All Esin Akan designs are handcrafted in Turkey using the highest quality leathers and experienced craftsmen.
Since launching, the brand has won many awards including "The Best Designer Bag Brand- UK" by Lux 2017, Global Excellence Award. The brand has been featured by well-known magazines such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Vogue, Elle, The Red Magazine.
Collaborations and publicity with well-known influential women such as Meghan Markle, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Bentley, Lorna Lux, Sarah Mikaela, Mariko Kuo have also led to a global following. The brand currently sells at esinakan.com, company owned pop-up stores and selected luxury stores worldwide including Harvey Nichols, Lafayette and Macy's.



Esin Akan launched her eponymous London based label in 2012 during her MBA at London Business School. Having worked for Burberry and Anya Hindmarch, Esin formed a wealth of knowledge within the luxury handbag industry. As a graduate of Accessories Design, Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan and Central Saint Martins in London, Esin is passionate about making high quality bags that are both practical and stylish. Akan describes her design ambition as “helping busy women look confident and stylish in every situation; from a client meeting to an invitation in the evening; from a busy day at work to a weekend break in Paris...” creating bags that remain elegant and timeless.



Esin Akan handbags are handcrafted in Turkey by experienced craftsmen with exceptional attention to detail. Using the highest quality leathers and craftsmanship, and by performing comprehensive quality control we ensure the bags are light, ergonomic and made to last.

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All our bags are convertible and made to be used in multiple ways to help women adapt to multiple scenarios, such as work to evening, weekday to weekend while looking elegant at all times. Explore how you can use your bag in several ways.


Esin Akan London in the press

The brand has been publicised by prestigious publications in the UK, US and Europe. The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Vogue, Elle, The Red, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan are among a few of the publications that have championed the Esin Akan brand.


Esin Akan London Commitment

Responsible and sustainable production, supporting children in need and empowering women around the world; these are our key commitments.


Esin Akan London Store

During peak seasons, we sell through our pop-ups in UK and around the world. Find out about our latest stores and collaborations.