Esin Akan London - Celebrates National Handbag Day

Reserving a day to give respect to someone or spread awareness about something is a good idea, loved by people all over the world. There is good news for all the fashion lovers because 10th October, the National Handbag Day, is being hugely celebrated by Esin Akan London.

One of the most renowned brands of designer handbags, Esin Akan, is giving big discounts on its complete range of leather bags for women from 8-10 October 2018. This occasion is a reason to increase your collection of designer handbags by purchasing an elegant handbag like Notting Hill.

Notting Hill – Crossbody Bag / Backpack 

On this special occasion, let’s learn why bags, especially the designer handbags, are important for women:

·      Fashion Statement

Bags for women are the fashion statement which can either make or break style. A designer handbag is a fashion accessory that helps a woman easily present herself in a better version of her. No matter how expensive dress or makeup you are wearing, all look incomplete if you don’t carry a designer handbag. Today various leather bags for women such as Rome are available which completes the modern women.

Rome | Plum & Rose

Rome – Clutch/Shoulder Bag

·      A Useful Fashion Accessory

The use of handbags today is not limited, they have become a useful fashion accessory. In the stylish designer handbags of the present time, women easily carry their vital personal belongings. It is now very easy to keep wallet, cosmetics, medicines, smartphone, and other daily essentials in a single bag. And when the handbag is Stockholm, you can easily carry a pair of clothes, shoes, a laptop, or any such important thing along with the everyday essentials.

Stockholm | Black

Stockholm – Tote / Laptop / Travel Bag

·      A Long-Lasting Accessory

A common complaint with fashion accessories is that they don’t last long but it’s not the same with designer leather bags for women. These bags are made up of high-quality leather and an equally high-level of craftsmanship make them one of the most desired fashion accessories. You can look at Mini Notting Hill which is an affordable, durable, and stylish handbag from one of the most renowned brands, Esin Akan.

Mini Notting Hill | Rifle Green & Pistachio

Mini Notting Hill – Bucket Bag/Backpack

·      Serves Multiple Purposes

This quality is especially relevant to the present trend because modern women of today prefer a handbag that can serve multiple purposes. For example, they love a bag that can be used as a work bag during the day and as a clutch wallet in the evening. This is because the everyday life of modern women is not simple; she is always busy from morning to evening and to emerge as a winner in such a busy schedule, she needs a companion supporting her in every endeavour. Can you think of any better option than designer bags from Esin Akan?

The Celebration

To celebrate the National Handbag Day, Esin Akan is offering a huge discount on its complete range of designer handbags. During 8-10 October 2018, when you purchase a designer handbag by visiting, you will be eligible for a discount of 30£ (on the complete range). To get this discount, you should enter the code: HAPPYHANDBAGDAY at the time of checkout.

Esin Akan is a perfect platform to get an exclusive collection of unique and contemporary leather bags. Check the site out; it will never disappoint you!