Top 5 Most Versatile Handbags for Working Women

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Every woman has a definition of the perfect handbag. This usually depends on their day-to-day needs, the nature of their work, and their own style and personal preferences. It could get tricky to shop for a handbag that checks off every box on your list. We’ve gathered some of the most versatile handbags you could choose from to make the decision much easier!


1. Tote bags

A tote bag for work is your best go-to handbag. It’s a perfect balance of practicality, versatility, and style. You want the tote bag to be large enough to carry your work essentials such as a laptop and files. At the same time, you obviously don’t want to carry a Mary Poppins bag. You want it to still look professional and trendy. For this, go for the classic black or tan leather tote such as the Emma Tote in our collection.

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2. Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are heaven sent to women who hurt their shoulders from bringing heavy tote bags. Gone are the days when crossbody bags are only meant for evening bags. This Midi Pimlico bag from our collection is an epitome of the perfect crossbody bag.

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3. Convertible bags

Still indecisive about what to get as a work bag? Don’t worry. It’s 2022 and convertible bags now exist! It’s a gift for those who can’t figure out which bag style to get. These bags help you adapt in various situations with the least effort possible.  

Convertible bags can easily transform into a different style usually by adding or removing straps. A versatile crossbody bag can turn into a nighttime clutch bag you can bring with you to parties and clubbing. It can also magically transform into a nice top handle handbag if you feel like losing the straps. 

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4. Backpacks

If you want true comfort and convenience, go for a nice backpack. Let’s face it, they’re easy to carry, very functional and practical. They’re one of the best choices for a work bag. Whether you decide to get them in leather, nylon, or other materials, a well-made backpack will take you places.



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5. Leather satchels

Satchels only scream professionalism whenever anyone carries them. They’re a no-brainer go-to if you want a bag for work. They usually are very spacious and functional. A high-quality satchel will last you a long time and if you get it in the right colour, you might even get away wearing it outside of work. 

No one wants to carry a functional but boring bag, even to work. For the smartest bags in the street, Esin Akan makes the most working-women-friendly bags in the market. Head on over to to take a look into our newest line of versatile bags.