The SS19 Clutch Bag Trends

The beauty of fashion trends is that they, in advance, tell you what will be the hot choices in the coming season. You get ample time to search for products which are not only stylish, good looking, and attractive but also capable to enhance your looks.

Since winters are over and a new party season is approaching, you have an opportunity to update your wardrobe, to flaunt your best style. However, it won’t be possible until you have a designer clutch bag in your hand. In order to help you get the best clutch bag this Spring-Summer, here is a brief SS19 Clutch Bag Trend guide.

For What Occasions a Clutch Bag Is Best Suitable?

If you observe fashion closely, you might have observed that when women want to look their best, clutch bags are the primary choice. However, there are many occasions when you can carry a clutch bag and enhance your looks. For example, you can go with a clutch bag to weddings, after-work roof terrace parties, weekend night-outs, date nights, and several other occasions.

SS19 Clutch Bag Trends

Now, the wait is over. Here are some timeless yet elegant pieces of SS19 Clutch Bag Trends every woman should look forward to:

·       Santorini Sand

The whole range of Santorini clutch bags is inspired by the Royal Wedding of this era and Santorini Sand is a part of that. A beautiful knot in the front adds uniqueness to this amazing combination of sophistication and elegance. This nude clutch bag is the perfect choice for evening parties.

·       Santorini Light Gold

Another great piece belonging to SS19 clutch bags trend is Santorini Light Gold. Whether you are going to a wedding or an after-work roof terrace party, you are definitely going to shine with this gold clutch bag. This also, like other Santorini clutch bags, is made of first quality bespoke leather.

·       Mini Paris Black

Yes, Mini Paris Black is not a clutch bag but advantageous enough to replace a black clutch bag in SS19 Clutch Bag Trends. No matter if you go to weekend night-outs or date nights, with this unique black coloured bucket bag, you are definitely going to grab everybody’s attention.

Other Highlights of SS19 Clutch Bag Trend

Here are two other clutch bags you can look forward to in SS19. Both these are exactly the smaller version of their above-discussed bigger counterparts. Note that sometimes because of personal choices and sometimes because of the demand of overall appearance, women carry small-sized clutch bags. Here are they:

1.     Mini Santorini Sand

2.     Mini Santorini Light Gold

The Key Trend of SS19

You might have heard that in fashion trends, there is always a key trend of the season which itself is enough to make your appearance a hit. This time in SS19 Clutch Bag Trends, knots is the key trend. If your clutch bag is embellished with a knot, you are going to outshine wherever you carry that clutch bag. Fortunately, “Knots” are the signature feature in the clutch bag collection from Esin Akan.

If you are looking for Esin Akan’s nude clutch bag collection, click here and if you want to add an elegant black coloured clutch bag in your closet, explore the Esin Akan’s black clutch bag collection here. Remember you are just one click away from enhancing your looks in SS19.