How To Style Bucket Bags

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Designer bucket bags are one of the most versatile handbags of present time because they not only hold a reasonable amount of stuff but enhance your looks as well. You can carry a bucket bag to work, school or while travelling. The things you need to keep in mind while styling bucket bags are colour, your personal preferences, and the occasion.

Here are some ways describing how to style bucket bags:

Go Boho

You can style women's bucket bag with harem pants, peasant blouses, and other flaccid drapes. If you have a bucket bag with natural texture, it can be combined with these outfits and give you an extraordinary bohemian effect. Remember that if your bucket bag is overly-structured, it will downgrade your bohemian effect. A slouchy bucket bag will give you the free-spirited appearance. And a sturdier bag having clean lines will help you look more organized.

Combine with Work Look

If you own a bucket bag, it is a perfect choice to carry to the office because they not only hold your essentials but also enhance your work look. You can pair your bucket bag with a combination of an elegant blouse and trouser or your favourite blazer. This will add a style to your everyday work look. Keep in mind that a structured bucket bag is the most effective bag for office goers. It is a professional aesthetic and keeps the things organized so that they can be accessed quickly.

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Go with a colourful choice

Style a bright coloured bucket bag with brownish or greyish toned clothes. This will make your whole appearance colourful and attractive. With a white and black coloured dress, bucket bags of almost all the shades work. And if you are wearing an outfit in the neutral tone, the vibrant version of that same colour will work. For example, if you are having a dark brown coloured bucket bag, you can wear a light brown coloured dress. Moreover, you can style your colourful bucket bag with a suit or during an occasion where fewer colours are present.

Get into Retro Look

Another way to style bucket bags is to get into retro look. Bucket bags being famous today does not mean they are new. These bags are for a long time and were the leading choice in the 90’s. Now, you can bring that style back by pairing a choker and a plaid shirt with a bucket bag and get an informal look. As winters are arriving, you can also carry a bucket bag while wearing a denim jacket. To make your bucket bag outshine, go for a few staple pieces from the 90’s such as dark lipstick, plaids, crop tops, spaghetti straps, or chokers. Remember too many of these will look uncoordinated and chaotic.

While purchasing a bucket bag, notice its size, design, fabric, inside structure, and above all your style and personal choice. If you are in search of designer bucket bags at an affordable price, visit the online store of Esin Akan.  

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