How long a Mid-Tier and Luxury Handbag Can Last?

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Handbags are one of the essentials in our daily life. They keep all our small yet necessary needs inside and complement our fashion sense from outside.


Thus handbags gradually become the face of our style statements. Especially girls love to enrich and flaunt their collections of beautiful handbags.


But it is a huge duty to protect your handbags from dust, cuts, scratches, stains, wrinkles, or dullness. And it is no less than a heartbreak when you see your favorite bag is getting worn out.


But you can long last your luxury handbag or small leather handbag for many years. You just need to keep them with a little bit of love and care. Here are some tips you can look for keeping your handbags healthy.

Keep Them Light

Do not stuff everything in your bag. Keep it light as it will lessen the stress on the straps. Many handbags became useless just because their straps got separated. To avoid it you need to put minimal weight on your small bags.


Also, try to focus on the building mechanism of your bags thoroughly before buying and choose the best of the lot.


In Esin Akan we try to compose a variety of luxury handbag and small leather handbag with long-lasting straps and chains. We fix the joints of your bags with extra care so that they can serve you more.

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Keep It Away from Rainwater 

It is not good for leather bags so keep them away from rain as much as you can. If it gets wet then make it dry immediately you reach your home.


You can use your hair drier or a dry cotton cloth. Try to put your bags in the sunlight after a damp rainy day as humid weather and dampness can cause bacteria in leather bags.


Also after the winter bring your bags along with you outside to get some warmth. 

Keep Them Upright Just Like You Are

Try to store your bags in an upright position. Do not hang them in your closet as it causes tears on the handles because of weight.


Also, empty everything heavy before storing it. Put your bags on the shelves or a flat ledge. Thus the handles of your luxury handbag will not get stretched.  

Don’t Make It Squeeze

Always try to put something light in your bags before storing them. It could be your t-shirt or scarf or a sweater, whatever you want.


You can also use tissue papers or newspapers but we suggest to use soft materials for good results. They will help your small leather bag to maintain its shape properly.

Avoid Dust

Use the dust bags we provide you with our handbags and cover your bags before storing them for a long time to maintain their shine. They will protect your bags from dust and humidity and help your bags to retain its luster.

Keep Liquid Make

Avoid putting your liquid foundation or body lotions in your leather bags. It may split accidentally and ruin your desirable bag forever.


Instead, use a small clutch for your liquid make-ups. It will become easier for you to shift from one bag to the other.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these you can wipe your bags or spray stain repellents to make them look new. And you can always come to your nearest Esin Akan outlet or visit our website for a range of trendy and classic handbags.


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