9 Uses for Travel Bags

Travel bags constitute a wide variety of luggage bags ranging in size, shape, capacity and style. Trolleys, duffel bags, carry pouches are all travel bags catering to different uses. These travel bags are not something that finds use only during your trips, but also can be put to some other uses as well. So let’s move onto some interesting uses of travel bags.

As a travel bag

The first use is also the most obvious one. Yes, for carrying your luggage during your holiday trips i.e. while traveling. Depending on the type and amount of luggage you need to take with you, a suitable type of carry bag is chosen. For short trips, small duffel bags would suffice while heavy or huge amounts of luggage would call for other types such as trolley bags.

As your sports bag

This particular use applies mainly to duffel bags. Sports like tennis, badminton or basketball would require some accessories starting from your sneakers to rackets or basketballs. So for carrying them easily and effortlessly, a duffel bag or some other suitably sized travel bag can be made use of.

As a gym bag

The gym is another place that calls for some accessories for you to carry with you. If you have duffel or some other travel bag at home, don’t waste money by buying a new gym bag. Instead make use of one of these to easily carry with you, your accessories.

As a storage bag at home                                   

Suppose you have some unused clothes at home which is taking up much of the space in your cupboard. In such cases, we can efficiently make use of these travel bags to hold these unnecessary items. It makes more space in your cupboard while keeping your room neat and clean.

As a wallet or small storage bag

Travel bags such as carry pouches can be used to store valuable IDs, money and jewelry safely. This is most useful when you have too much IDs and papers to carry, but do not have sufficient space in your wallet. You can also keep other items like sunglasses, lip balms or sunscreens in these small carriage pouches.    

As a business bag (/laptop bag)

Medium sized carriage bags can effectively house laptops and other documents related to your business. They also have small compartments for business cards or IDs as well making them a perfect business bag.

As a flat surface or even a headrest

When traveling at night, you may sometimes thought of bringing a pillow or headrest with you. Well, if you have a travel bag with you, then the problem is already solved. Travel bags also provide a flat surface if by chance you require one.

As an emergency kit

Small carry bags can hold some first aid or emergency equipments. This way, they are easily accessible as well as convenient to carry.

As a baby change bag

If you have a baby with you while on travel, you would have to carry different items like baby diapers, clothes etc. A travel bag can also be used for the purpose.

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