7 Best First Luxury Handbags

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Buying your first luxury handbag could be a challenging experience. One must take into consideration many factors such as budget, size, colour, and materials. Whether you want to get your hands on a canvas tote bag or a leather clutch bag, this guide will tell you the best picks to get as your first luxury handbag.

1. Crossbody bag

You can never go wrong with a trusty old crossbody bag. It’s one of the best types of bags you could get as a first luxury handbag. You can bring it with you to any event. Whether it’s you running errands or going to a dinner date - this is a perfect choice.

Crossbody bags are very versatile as well. In most cases, they can be worn as both on the shoulder and crossbody. With a black or brown leather crossbody bag, you can instantly level up your daily looks.

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2. Tote bag

Tote bags are also another good first luxury handbags especially for those who want to carry their whole house with them. They are stylish yet highly functional. This type of luxury handbag also comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

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3. Bucket bag

Bucket bags are a good blend of the sleekness of a crossbody bag and the spacious quality of a backpack. It’s one of the most unique designs you could get on a luxury handbag. It’s great for women who enjoy a more Bohemian look.

Midi Richmond bucket bag cheetah


4. Leather clutch bag

Leather clutch bags are great for those who don’t like carrying heavy bags with them to errands or events. It’s suitable for women who like only bringing with them a few things to places. They’re great to wear to nightclubs, dinner dates, or any formal occasion. Furthermore, if you choose the right style and material, you may also wear your leather clutch bag on a daily basis. 

It’s a great first luxury handbag because most leather clutch bags are on the lower range of price, thus, more affordable and practical.

Midi Belgravia crossbody bag tan
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5. Laptop bag

If you find yourself always attached to your laptop all the time, getting a laptop bag as your first luxury handbag could be a great idea. There are laptop bags that look far from a boring laptop bag so you could still get away with bringing your laptop without sacrificing your style.

Esin Akan Emma navy leather tote bag


6. Leather Satchel

Leather satchels are indeed a classic luxury handbag. They’re ideal for those who carry a lot of things to work or school. It’s functional without sacrificing style. It’s perfect for women who have a preppier and laidback style. They’re truly functional as they carry a ton of stuff.


7. Small handbag

Not everyone wants to carry their bags on their shoulders, backs, or arms. To those who are very low maintenance and only carry a few items with them, a small handbag is an ideal choice. Similar to a clutch, it can be a very versatile piece as well. Choose a leather material with good structure and neutral colour so you can bring it with you at any type of occasions.

Mini belgravia red small crossbody bag


Shopping for your very first luxury handbag is sure fun and exciting experience. Make sure to figure out your needs in a bag so you can get the perfect handbag that’s suitable for you. Check out Esin Akan to spot your possible first luxury handbag.

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